Lighthouse Touring

Visiting a lighthouse along the coast of Maine is a traditional tourist experience. This WLBZ news clip of the Bear Island Lighthouse near Northeast Harbor captures how difficult the experience can be be for those who want an offshore view. Bear Island Lighthouse:  

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Pomp & Circumstance

Graduation ceremonies are presentations with certain grandeur and layered emotion. These images from WABI’s coverage of Husson College’s commencements in the early 1970s are familiar and stirring to those in the audience then, and are probably even more so to those viewing them now. Husson College Graduation Ceremony 1970 Husson College Ceremonies 1971

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Floating like a butterfly

Summer breezes and sunny days ease the distance I travel to work. The time inside is still spent at a desk and in front of a screen. The images of a proud Mohammad Ali, in preparation for his famous phantom punch 60 years ago, as he meets Sonny Liston during May 1965 in Lewiston, Maine,

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1967 Potato Blossom Festival Revisited

  Sorting and reviewing the details of each collection is my the daily work now, supported by the NEH grant to Northeast Historic Film for preparing the stored collections of Maine’s many television film archives, housed but often not discoverable. It is thrilling to find parades, interviews and investigations almost forgotten but now recollected, and

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Continuing work with televison

A grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to Northeast Historic Film is now supporting work on digitizing and fully cataloguing Maine television collections that include Maine Public Broadcasting, Maine Public Television and about a dozen collections. Yeah! And what a lot of words into a very long sentence for such good

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New Year, Old Film and Getting Here from There

The year is winding down, and so is my work on the WCVB/CLIR collection grant that includes broadcasts during the late 1970s, & 1980s and early & 1990s. There is still quite a bit to digitize and abstract, but we at NHF are close to reaching our grant-funded goals. The project’s work is complicated, and

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