2009 Symposium

Ways Of Watching 10th Annual Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium   July 24-25, 2009 The 2009 Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium focused on an investigation of how, where and why we watch amateur and noncommercial films in both the past and the present. The NHF Summer Symposium is a multi-disciplinary gathering devoted to the history, theory, and

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2008 Symposium

City & Country July 25-26, 2008 Images and archetypes of the city and the country as seemingly distinct locations and ways of life have remained a potent force in the cultural imagination since the mid 19th century. Even though the transformations of industrial culture and mobility have changed rural and urban landscapes and lifestyles, the

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2007 Symposium

Time Out: Images of Play and Leisure July 20-21, 2007 Recognizing that play and recreation are integral facets of modern life, the theme of the Eighth Annual Summer Film Symposium is Time Out: Images of Play and Leisure. Since the late 19th century Maine has been known as a tourist destination for the original “rusticators,”

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2006 Symposium

The Working Life Thursday, July 20 – Saturday, July 22, 2006 A symposium dedicated to the topic of work and amateur film, open to anyone interested in the relationship between the moving image and representations of work. Cast and Crew as Family, Family as Cast and Crew: Henry Koster’s Home Movies presented by Melissa Dollman,

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2005 Symposium

Amateur Fiction Films July 21-23, 2005 An examination of the fine line (if any) between amateurs and artists, the symposium featured presenters from Anthology Film Archives, the Academy Film Archive, The Center for Home Movies, and more. “Amateur Fiction Filmmaking as a Family Bond,” by Robbins Barstow “Lawrence, Me and the Sheep,” by Tony Dowmunt

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2004 Symposium

The Moving Image as Biography July 30-31, 2004 An exploration of individual and community biographies on film. “Introduction to The Moving Image as Biography Symposium,” by Eric Schaefer “Archival Footage and Storytelling in The Trouble with Merle,” by Maree Delofski “Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania,” by Jan Chris Horak “MIC: A Window to the

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