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1) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 51
Date from edge code on film. // Soapbox derby race. Soapbox cars race down street. Small sailboat on lake. Boy holds cat on porch.   more
2) [commercial shorts]
Three 100-ft. purchased b&w silent films: Walt Disney Cartoon: Donald Duck in the Master Plumber; [untitled cartoon]; Abbott and Costello in Fun on the Run; and one 400 ft. Three Stooge...   more
3) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 43A
1958 edge code on film. Processed January 1959. // Label on film: 'Xmas 1958.' // Dark footage of boy and girl standing beside dinner table with cooked bird. Birthday party. Boy opens p...   more
4) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 42
Date from edge code on film. // Label on film: 'Skowhegan Jr. High Teachers.' // Men and women smile at camera next to car on beach. Young men in bathing suits pose for camera. Man hold...   more
5) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 44
Date from edge code on film. // Christmas wreath hanging over fireplace. Boy hangs stocking on fireplace mantle. Boy sets out glass of milk and plate of cookies on floor beside fireplac...   more
6) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 38
Date from edge code on film. // Group of people talk at lake. Young boy with fishing rod. Dark footage of family gathered at picnic site.   more
7) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 50
Date from edge code on film. Processed January 1963. // Two boys walking. One carries a lunch box. Woman nursing infant. Dark footage of people at dining table. Dark shot of Christmas t...   more
8) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 43
Date from edge code on film. // Parade. President Dwight Eisenhower enters protected automobile. Motorcade proceeds down street. This is likely either Skowhegan or Pittsfield, based on...   more
9) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 46
Date from edge code on film. Processed January 1959. // Label on film: 'Geese in spring. Tab 1956?' // Footage shot from onboard boat. Large flock of birds flying in sky. Fishing on lak...   more
10) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 41
Date from edge code on film. // Label on film: 'Bay. Islesford 1957.' // Waterfowl on water. Man holds dead birds in hands. Closeup shots of raccoon running, drinking water from lake. F...   more
11) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 45
1957 edge code on film. Processed January 1959. // Label on film: 'John Rive[?] Dam, Tommy & I fish. Smith kids & bear at camp. First Day of School 1958. Xmas 1958.' // Fish swimming ne...   more
12) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 39
Date from edge code on film. // Label on film: 'Billie's Xmas Birthday.' // Christmas. Dark footage of children gathered around Christmas tree. Birthday party. Children sit at table aro...   more
13) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 55
Date from edge code on film. // Woman stands outside with dog beside snowdrift that is taller than her.   more
14) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 48
Date from edge code on film. // Children at birthday party wave at camera. Boy hangs stocking on fireplace mantle. Dog sits beside Christmas tree. Shot of presents under tree. Elderly m...   more
15) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 47
Date from edge code on film. // Label on film: 'Tab reunion. Clambake. Xmas 1960.' // Boats on ocean. Group of people picnic on beach beside water. Man smoking cigarette in car smiles a...   more
16) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 49
1949, 1954, 1955, 1958, 1961 edge codes on film. // Label on film: 'CP wreck, Brownville Junction, bowling alley lumber toppled over 42 cars off. Gold medal flour, shortening, Miller be...   more
17) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies]
Twenty-eight 100 ft. rolls with labels as follows: July 4, 1951. Nat's camp. Gordons. Xmas 1952. 1 yr. old. At Portland shows. Bobby, Susan, etc. Mother's gravestone; last train ride, X...   more
18) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 37
Date from edge code on film. // Boy in snowsuit sledding on saucer. Boy wearing bowtie carries Easter egg basket. Boy sitting outside on ground with several small kittens.   more
19) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 36
1952, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1968 edge codes on film. // Fishing on lake in boat. Fish picked up beside boat in handheld net. Fish hooked on line being reeled in. Men drinking from mugs at c...   more
20) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 54
Date from edge code on film. // Dog in snow. Man on roof of house/barn nearly buried in massive snowdrift. Man shovels snow off roof. Two women help remove snow from roof.   more
21) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 53
Dates from edge codes on film. // Boy standing beside car. Pan of lake, empty except for one small rowboat. Car parked on grass in front of house.   more
22) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 40
Date from edge code on film. // Overexposed footage. Pan of lake. Man stands on ice on frozen lake in blowing snow. Small airplane lands on frozen lake. Group of men inspect plane. Plan...   more
23) [Wallace Cunningham--home movies] Reel 52
Date from edge code on film. // People gathered around dining table. Closeup shots of individual people at table. Soapbox derby race.   more
Cunningham, Wallace Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (7,200 ft.) : si., col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Secondary Format and Extent
film (700 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. print.
Collection Date Range
1951 – 1960
Collection contains [Wallace Cunningham--home movies], scenes of camp and farm activities, fishing, wildlife, clambakes, snow shoveling and kite flying, Christmas and Easter celebrations, school children, shrines and gardens. Cunningham family members appear throughout. Collection also contains animation and features: four reels (700 feet) of Walt Disney cartoons and comic short films.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Wallace H. Cunningham lives in Kingfield, Maine. The farm in these films has been in the Cunningham family for six generations.
People and Organizations
Cunningham Family
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