Moving Image Transfers

Attempting to run old film or videotapes through a projector or VCR may result in irreparable damage to the images. To protect the originals, make showing them convenient, allow for easily making multiple copies, and to facilitate editing on your computer, we recommend that you transfer your films and videotapes to DVD, Blu-ray or digital files. Northeast Historic Film is a moving image archives; we have years of training and experience in the proper ways to handle and care for moving image materials. We also offer film assessment and repair.



Without special storage conditions all motion picture and still photographic film, magnetic and other media are subject to deterioration. To protect our collections, NHF built our own three-story temperature and humidity-controlled cold storage vault building. We offer space on a rental basis to universities, archives, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.




Stock Footage | Licensing

NHF licenses footage for reuse for broadcast, corporate, educational and web productions. Our primary focus is on material covering the northern New England region.  We hold over 10,000,000 feet of film and 5,000 hours of video dating from 1901 to the 2000s. Strengths include rural life, industries like forestry and fishing, recreation, and families. We have built one of the largest collections of home movies and hold television newsfilm from nine stations around New England. In addition our collections have rare and significant footage from across the United States and around the world. Examples include the Chrysler building under construction, China in the 1920s and the earliest known color footage of Mahatma Gandhi. We give a priority to quick service and in many cases can give a preliminary report on the footage available during the initial call.


NHF staff members are available to make presentations to groups and classes. Examples include  screenings of silent films like The Seventh Day, shot in coastal Maine in 1921. This comedy about New Yorkers and Maine people can be presented with live piano accompaniment using either film or a DVD. Our most recent presentation, in conjunction with Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors magazine, is In Our Wake: Maine's Maritime History on Film. This compilation of nearly 20 short clips paints a picture of the variety and traditions of Maine's nautical activities over the last 100 years. School programs for students from kindergarten through college are available at the Alamo Theatre or other locations.