What is a regional moving-image archives?

The United States has no single national film archives. Instead, the national collection exists in many collections, each with its own focus and institutional structure. Many have a regional mission.


Is NHF funded by state or federal sources?

NHF is fortunate to be awarded grants from New England organizations such as the Maine Community Foundation, the Betterment Fund, the Maine Humanities Council, the Davis Family Foundation, and agencies such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Film Preservation Foundation. We are an independent not for profit organization, not a state-funded organization.  Concerned with the shared culture of this region, NHF forges links with individuals within the region and beyond, who care about preserving moving images of northern New England's heritage and traditions.

Your individual donation is important.


What is the history of amateur film preservation?

The history of amateur film preservation is relatively short. View the Amateur Film Preservation Timeline online as a PDF file (Acrobat PDF, 1.35 MB). This timeline is a work-in-progress and suggestions for additional dates are welcome.

Do you take every film that you are offered?

Much of the film brought to NHF relates to northern New England. But other material also reaches our door, including dramas, newsreels, animated shorts, and comedies that are important because in the era represented very little survives. NHF's primary goal is preservation, and will work to find the appropriate home for material that may not be related to the region.