2019 Symposium


"A" is for Amateur

An NHF and CHM Collab.

July 18-20, 2019

20th Annual Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium

Bucksport, Maine, USA

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Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of the NHF Summer Symposium!

2019 marks 20 years for our little gathering. And we are celebrating by collaborating with our friends with the Center for Home Movies.

2019 is also the centennial of the birth of the late Robbins Barstow of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Robbins was an amateur filmmaker for seven decades and his "Disneyland Dream" was named to the National Film Registry. Robbins presented his 1936 film "Tarzan and the Rocky Gorge" at the 2005 Summer Symposium.

NHF is built on its commitment to amateur and small gauge film. And this year, we dig deep into our roots. Though we will be celebrating the work of Robbins Barstow, an acknowledged Northeast amateur-auteur, our idea for this program is far from regionally specific.    Our aim is to consider a variety of perspectives on a category of moving images that is delightfully difficult to pin down.

  SCHEDULE OF PRESENTATIONS (Preliminary Draft!!!)

Thursday, July 18:
Opening Reception and Special Presentations
6:00 pm – Alamo Lobby Social Mixer / Reception
6:30 pm - Presentation of the 2018 O’Farrell Fellowship winner
Martin Johnson (UNC)
7:30 pm
NYC Through Amateur Eyes: Reflections on Two Amateur Cinema League Movie Makers
Kimberly Tarr (New York University Libraries)
With Special Guest, David Barstow (one of Robbins Barstow’s sons)
Friday, July 19:
8:30 am – Alamo Lobby
Registration, Coffee, Breakfast, Chat
9:00 am
WE Made It! Quadruple A is For African American Amateur Auteurs
Ina Archer (Media Conservation & Digitization Assistant, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African American History & Culture)
10:00 am
Portraitist with a Movie Camera: Philip Pearlstein as Amateur Filmmaker
Sarah Cantor (University of Maryland, University College)
11:00 am
The Home Movies and Amateur Films of S.W. and Cynthia Childs
Brian Meacham (Yale Film Study Center)
LUNCH 12:00-1:00 Alamo Lobby
12:30: Archive Tour / meet at the stairs adjacent to Alamo Lobby
1:00 pm
Around the World with Telford Work, Epidemiologist
Oliver Gaycken (University of Maryland)
2:00 pm
Amateur Education:
Making and Learning in the Films of H. A. V. Bulleid
Michael McCluskey (University of York)
3:00 pm
Home Movie Day and Home Movie Access Around the World: A Panel Conversation
Skip Elsheimer (A/V Geeks)
Fiorini & Torri
Gill & Vivancos
Dwight Swanson, Moderator
4:00 pm
A House is Not a Metaphor
[in homage to A Horse is Not a Metaphor by Barbara Hammer]
Kate Dollenmayer (Academy Film Archive + CHM)
Special Screening and Presentation (Clare Hoover: Czech Republic and Hungary)
Brian Graney
DINNER / DRINKS on your own!!!
“The 1938 International Amateur Movie Show: A Reconstruction”
 Special Screening and Reconstruction
Charles Tepperman (University of Calgary) (DAY AND TIME TBA)
Saturday, July 20:
8:30 am
Registration, Coffee, Conversation
9:00 am
Amateur Travelogue Discovered as Part of MDPI
Corinne A. Vorster (Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive)
10:00 am
Accidental Evidence: The Amateur Film in the Government Archive
Audrey Amidon and Heidi Holmstrom (National Archives and Records Administration)
11:00 am
The Peter Rubin Collection (Needs title)
Hadley Kluber (University of Amsterdam)
LUNCH 12:00-1:00 on your own
12:30: Archive tour: meet at the stair adjacent to Alamo lobby
1:00 pm
Where Have all the Camera-Maids Gone?
Buckey Grimm (Contract researcher)
2:00 pm
Cold Storage: Icelandic Home Movies
Sigridur Regina Sigurthorsdottir (Sigga Regina) (NYU)
3:00 pm
Amateur Filmmaking in 1940s and 1950s Cuba: Local and Transnational Connections
Irene Rozsa (Concordia University)
The Start of the Rainbow: Possibilities of Color Motion Photography for the Amateur1
Louisa Trott (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
5:00 pm
Revisited (2016, 11 min.) SPECIAL SCREENING
Tina Wasserman
6:00 pm – Cocktails at Farmhouse Inn, Blue Hill
7:00 pm – Lobster (or not) Dinner at Farmhouse Inn, Blue Hill

Northeast Historic Film, an independent nonprofit organization, was founded in 1986 to preserve and make available moving images of interest to the people of northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts). We hold ten million feet of film in 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 28mm, and 35mm and 8,000 analog and digital video recordings that do not duplicate the film holdings. NHF is located in a 1916 cinema building with purpose-built cold storage and a study center in Bucksport, a town of 5,000 on the coast of Maine (for more info on NHF, please visit: http://www.oldfilm.org). In the Alamo Theatre on Main Street, NHF houses a 125-seat cinema with DCP, 35mm, 16mm, videotape, and DVD projection.