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16mm film; 404 ft.; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 034
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Can Descriptions
Can notes for Reel 34: 1933 hunting trip. The year we walked out. Jelly sandwiches. November, Hunting Unknown Lake. 1-George who shot one, Archie who got wet, Hoibey [Grandfather Warden] & Wesley & Robbie & Uncle Roy & Kitty Kimball. 2-Ice and Snow on Unknown Lake. 3-The Andy Gump war dance. 4-September morn and last but not least, Jelly sandwiches. 5-Then the annual feed. NHF viewing notes for Reel 34: Silent, B&W. Logo Amateur Camera League. George Northrop stands beside car at gas station, kicks snow with boot. Moving shot of car driving past and down road, trailer with man kneeling beside canoe. Car passes snowy country scene. Slo pan of canoe on trailer and car parked. TS on whitewall tires with wire spokes. Man carrying loaf of bread, second emerges from store. WS, moving of man paddling in bow of canoe. [Grand Lake Stream] Howard Kendall walks to lake shore with bucket, chips at ice, draws water. Man scampers on icy lake. Nice shots of improvised game of ice hockey using sticks and rock. [Pocumcus Lake at Thoroughfare] Two hunters [Grandfathers Stewart and Warden] walk across snowy field. Leaning to take drink from ice hole. Wacky game of hockey on the snow with battered bucket as puck. Nice closeups of players. Men horsing around and mock wrestling on porch of log cabin [George Northrop, Rob Golding, Archie]. Load gear into backpacks and head off into snow covered woods. Cracked ice on Lake. Archie toweling off and dressing beside campfire. [Lake froze early and they had to hike out over thin ice] War dance: men whooping and dancing in circle while dog barks excitedly. Bears, deer and fox hang from rafters of porch in BG, and propped up beside posts. Tights shots on hairdos of each hunter, slicked down, hat hair? [George Northrop always used a lot of hair oil] Hunters have picnic beside Lake [Archie liked jelly sandwiches. No one else did. Archie had cook pack only jelly sandwiches]. Sipping a drink from the Lake. Dark shots of hunters posing with rifle. Bonnet of car opened, man checks under hood. MS of each man shows his facial stubble. Pumping gasoline. Man dining, jackets off, smoking. at 388 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Where Archie fell through ice.
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