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1) 95-40.0016_F8
8 mm film; [225 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 95-40.0016-.0017_VHS
VHS; Silent; b&w and color
3) 95-40.0016-.0017_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w and color
4) 95-40.0016-.0017_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w and color
5) 95-40.0016-.0020_IN3/4
NTSC video (interlaced); 3/4inch-video; Silent
6) 95-40.0016-.0020_VHS
NTSC video (interlaced); VHS; Silent
7) nhf-1995-040_0016.mov
The yellow peril goes west, 1940--Dassler family--home movies. Reel 16
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Credit: Lee Dassler Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Compiled black-and-white and color film of Dassler family road trip across South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado in 1940, featuring many hand-drawn, illustrated intertitles.
Viewing Notes
'The Yellow Peril Goes West (Yellowstone).' // NHF cataloger's notes, 2/96 for Reel 16. Note: intertitling is of commercial quality throughout reel. Four young men load 1930s roadster for vacation/trip; Badlands of South Dakota with roadster car in foreground, young men walk the badlands clad in shorts. Construction of Mount Rushmore, still scaffolded; gondola carrying workers to and from the work site; panoramic shot of the Black Hills, the 'needles' (an eroded mountain formation). Rodeo including 'bronc' riding, horse racing, trick riding by a cowboy dressed in white. Pines and mountainous terrain form background. Devil's Tower, an eroded granite mountain, flat topped. Panoramic view of Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming. Yellowstone including geysers, canyon walls, lake area, 'Old Faithful' geyser, bears with cubs begging for food alongside auto; waterfalls; Castle Geyser; the 'Punch Bowl', a bubbling hot spring; panoramic shot of Grand Tetons; Mule deer in wooded setting; feeding chipmunk by hand in Rocky Mt. National Park; young men (4) playing in mountain snows dressed in shorts; reel ends with panoramic footage of Rockies and valleys below.
Main titles: “The Yellow Peril Goes West 1940/Photography by Dale Dassler” Intertitle: “Loading the car” Intertitle: “Lunch on the desert near Chamberlain S.D.” Intertitle: “Centuries of erosion have produced the Bad Lands of South Dakota” Intertitle: “Gutzon Borglum's gigantic masterpiece RUSHMORE MEMORIAL in the Black Hills of South Dakota” Intertitle: “The men go to and from their work on the mountain side in a cage suspended from a steel cable” Intertitle: “The road goes over itself on a double decked rustic bridge.” Intertitle: “The Black Hills” Intertitle: “’THE NEEDLES’ In the distance and close at hand” Intertitle: “Rodeo at Custer/Trick riding & roping/Indian horse racing/Potato race/Bronco busting” Intertitle: “The DEVIL's TOWER/A huge mass of granite - the core of an extinct volcano, rising 1200 feet above the Wyoming plain” Intertitle: “In Wyoming the distant snow capped peaks of the Little Big Horn Mountain” Intertitle: “Shoshone Canyon/The Chinese Wall/The Goose” Intertitle: “Yellowstone Lake: Fishing Bridge” Intertitle: “The Mud Volcano/a seething cauldron of boiling mud” Intertitle: “The Dragon's Mouth/with its tongue of steaming water” Intertitle: “All the colors of the artists palette appear in the walls of the Yellowstone Canyon--in the distance the Lower Falls” Intertitle: “The Lower Falls drop 308 feet--twice the height of Niagara.” Intertitle: “The Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River and the Rapids below.” Intertitle: “Mammoth Hot Spring/Extinct and active terraces, with here and there pools of boiling water” Intertitle: “ [...] the bottoms of the pools are due to the growth of hot water algae. Note the thin shelves deposited at the surface near the edge of the pool” Intertitle: “The Paint Pots bubbling mud like cooking oatmeal” Intertitle: “The geysers of Norris Basin are small but very active” Intertitle: “The most famous geyser in the world/Old Faithful/throwing steaming water 150 feet into the air” Intertitle: “Giant Geyser/less regular than Old Faithful but plays longer and much higher” Intertitle: “Castle Geyser” Intertitle: “The Punch Bowl” Intertitle: “Old Faithful Inn” Intertitle: “Hold Up Bears on the road to the South Entrance” Intertitle: “The Grand Tetons just south of the Yellowstone Park” Intertitle: “Mule Deer in the Rocky Mountain National Park” Intertitle: “The Rockies” Intertitle: “Long's Peak” Intertitle: “The Chipmunks are tame in the Rocky Mountain National Park” Intertitle: “Trail Ridge Road thru the Rocky Mountain National Park--a gorgeous drive between snow-clad peaks.” Intertitle: “Snowballs in July on the Train Ridge Road.” Intertitle: “Colorado plains and mountains from the top of Pike's Peak/Note Colorado Springs at the base of the Mountain.”
Dale Dassler
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