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16mm film; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1327.0003_VHS
Film; VHS; Silent; b&w and color
[Whipple--home movies] Reel 3
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circa 1927
Reel 3: "Nanno and her little whips". Porch. Older woman with baby on her knee bouncing. Brother approaches with mask from behind. Grandmother pulls it off. Two brothers riding by on horses. Saint Bernard in foreground. Children taking turns diving off board. Splashing around shore. Double diving boards outside boathouse. (1:33:59:00). Camp. Children on top of roof. Diving off roof of boathouse. Laying down. Tired. On diving board. Three children. Six years old. Sit on steps. Toddler wears beads. Brother spins her around. Woman in foreground waves. Boy kisses his two sisters. Lays down on ground with dog. Girl bends over to look into camera. LS canoeing. Children MD entering canoe. Camera level with water. Children diving in and out. (1:39:22:00). Woman with baby. From ground level. Play with ball. Other children. Boys. Approach into frame. All wave goodbye. Boys and girls at beach. Running in and out of water. Girl scootching in foreground. Rest of family playing in water in background. Splashing contest. Women kiss baby. Two children with bunny rabbit. Cow. Pan farmland. Two children in field. Group siblings in white. (1:45:06).
Families, Children, Beaches
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