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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0016-.0018_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 018 (P6)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 18 (P6): [no can/reel notes; dc 1935] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 18: 30:05. Man in bow of boat. Boat wafts up and down. Boy with man. Boy grasps long stick. Man and boy working. Shoreline rocks. Surf. Water surface in motion. Man stands by lobster trap. Boy holds live fish aloft. 31:02. Left-tracking pan. of water surface. Waves in moderate motion. Distant man in boat. Lobster moving in trap. Man reaching into trap. Motion of water surface. Pleasure craft floating. It hauls small boat at back. Left-tracking pan. of water surface continues. Shoreline rocks. 32:07. Rowboat. Marked area in water. Man stands by lobster trap. Another watercraft opposite lobster boat. Man works at lobster trap. Boy painting lower interior of lobster boat. 33:02. Continuation of same. Houses, buildings of shoreline. Wharf. Gangway. Stone wall. Extensive lobster traps atop stone wall. Closer view of aligned lobster traps. Woman emerges from home and descends walkway. Jumping over railing of porch, man follows her. Breeze wafts tree leaves. The two walk by fence surrounding home. Boy follows the two. 34:01. Camera in hand, boy stands atop boulder. Evergreen, boulders, piles of rock in area. Family walking in area. Boy climbs atop boulder. He hunches down there. Other family members walk around. Boy stands at edge of low boulder. Family walks down field area. 35:01. Boy helps woman to climb. Boy with camera climbs upward. Two girls follow. Boy helps girl as family continues to walk, climb in area. Boy examines tree limb. Woman adjusts dress. Girl almost loses balance. Ladies climb upward. Young man follows. Family rests, sits on boulder. 36:00. Woman in glasses is reading a letter. Boy, girl lower selves amongst rocks. They climb out. Rocks, foliage of area. Woman gathers leaves from bush. Two girls atop boulder. Boy cautiously descends, inching his way down. Girls descend in opposite direction. 37:03. Girl walks amongst boulders. Two family members at summit of a very high boulder. Two others cautiously descend adjacent boulder. Boy helps girl off of lower boulder. Woman wades in water. Other people dressed for swimming. Woman extends hand to other woman in water. Boy shakes hand with man wading in water. 38:02. Assorted swimmers in water. Woman swims forward, rises. Resumes swimming. People on shoreline. She swims to shore. Little boy has rolling toy. He throws rubber ball. He is near fence. Charming, winsome lad. Exterior of home with overhanging trees, powerlines. 39:00. Trees. People on walkway. Exterior of adjacent home. Modern, sort of solar home. Little boy descends steps of home. He now stands on landing. Infant in arms, woman emerges from home. Boy descends steps. Water surface with assorted craft. Two women in rowboat. Left-tracking pan. of area. More watercraft. Shoreline rocks and trees. 40:03. Man in bathing suit smooths his hair. Older man ascends gangway. People on edge of wharf. Woman dives into water. Boy follows. Sailboat skims along. Woman dives from edge of board. Another woman follows her, but dives in backwards. Rippling water surface. 41:03. Another woman diver who 'Jack knifes' into water. Woman swims forward. Woman ascends to wharf as other woman dives from board. Young man dives clumsily into water. He is followed by another somewhat-inept young male diver. Child walks up wharf gangway. Two young men stand on wharf. Child stands at wharf top. Sticks tongue out. Fleet of sailboats on water. Right-tracking pan. of water surface with other sailboats. Passenger-laden boat. 42:11. Closer shot of another fleet of sailboats. Foreground ropes on another craft. Young boy, girl watch sailboats standing on wharf. Water ripples. Sailboat fleets. Water surface. 43:05. Left-tracking pan. of aforescribed. Water surface. Two sailboats in distance. Cabin cruiser infiltrates sailboat fleet. Deck of boat with young crew. Ropes, rigging. Young girl makes face. Teenage girl sits on edge of boat. Boy waves points upward with finger. Girl makes another face. 44:01. The three. Water surface. Sailboat skims in distance. We move panoramically to the right. Passengers sit on aft side of sailboat. Closer view of sailboat. Foreground ropes of other craft. Water surface. Shoreline buildings. People rowing boat. A long craft with flag attached to stern. Man in stern smooths hair. 45:00. Water surface. Shoreline buildings. Man aboard a surfboard or 'jetski'. Surf. Ropes of craft. Another surfer in distance. Sailboat. Surfer behind moving craft. Water surface. Moving sailboats. Passenger-laden craft skims rapidly by. 46:00. Male surfer. Lots of surf, foam. Rigging of other craft. Rapid craft. Water surface. Surfer. Crew on deck of sailboat. Three women, man, and boy. Man turns steering wheel. Boy rises. 47:09. Boat moors at wharf. Passengers dismount. Woman straightens back of hair. Water surface. Shoreline buildings. Copious trees. Shoreline buildings with overhanging trees. The abundant trees. Long, rustic trellis. Woman rings bell which is attached to exterior of small cupola on porch of home. 48:00. Exterior of home with lower porch roof. Group of people walking on grounds of home. Parked car. Large building in city or town. Street. Trees. We move left with abundant trees. Academic building. Towered structure. Trees. Expanse of buildings. Lorry or van of the time motors down street. Extension of buildings. Passengers in back seat of car. Girl has hand pressed to mouth. Blended, two-exposure shot. Exterior trees intersected with car passengers. 49:03. Passengers aboard motor or rowboat. Lobster trap is attached to bow. Craft begins voyage. Passengers stand as boat skims along. Varied watercraft. Passengers now sit. Camp or cabin in woods. Trees. Two cars parked in yard. Buildings in background. (Cataloguer's error. Location is city or town. The erroneous camp or cabin is a small structure tree-shrouded.) 50:06. Ladies walking in yard. Foliage of yard. Vine-covered arbor. Man, boy walk in yard. Woman pauses before entering car. Woman sits in hammock in background. Two young men stand at car exterior. Woman. The two young men. Woman approaches car as young man drives off. Car drives past other parked cars. Buildings in area. 51:08. Stone wall. Other structures in vicinity. Water surface. Adjacent surrounding buildings. Parked cars. Woman opens door of car. Removes her jacket from therein and dons it. She walks forward and reaches into adjacent car and walks back. She enters first car.(End of Reel 18.)
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