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BetaCamSP; 40 min.; Silent; b&w and color
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[Blodget--home movies]
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Can Descriptions
Betacam SP copy made from 16mm film deposited at NHF, 16mm returned to Mr. Blodget. Home movies of winter and summer scenes in and around Bucksport shot primarily by Benjamin P. Blodget (1863-1957), resident of Bucksport. NHF cataloguing notes: 00:02:57 Blodget house: #7 School Street, Bucksport. 00:03:00 At the beach in Castine: Wadsworth Cove. 00:03:25 Boy in rowboat with dog. 00:03:30 Wadsworth Cove, lobster pound in background. 00:04:00 Blodget house. 00:05:00 The Carpenter: sun porch of Blodget house. 00:07:45 Exterior, Blodget house at Christmas time. 00:08:00 Playing in the snow. 00:08:30 Ben Blodget with cousin Frederick playing with his electric train. 00:09:00 Ben makes biscuits and puts them in an old iron stove. 00:10:00 The old barn next to #7 School St. (now gone) in the snow. 00:10:30 Reading with grandfather. 00:11:00 Family camp on Alamoosook out by the fish hatchery. 00:11:30 Fish hatchery side of Alamoosook, Ben's dad on the rock. 00:12:15 Ellsworth Falls. 00:12:30 Castine: Wadsworth Cove 00:12:42 Birthday party for Ben on the porch at the School St. house. 00:13:00 Reading with mom in the back parlor. 00:13:57 The Crop That Never Fails: Large elm trees on Buck Street in the snow. 00:14:25 Road to Mast Hill Road in the snow. 00:14:50 Ben and his father chop down tree for Christmas. 00:15:25 School Street lawn. 00:15:36 Acadia National Park: Schoodic Peninsula? 00:15:45 In the driveway with 3 girl cousins at birthday party. 00:16:14 Grandmother and Aunt. 00:16:45 With mother. 00:17:08 Ben sledding in front of the big house on the corner of Franklin and School Street. 00:18:11 Skiing, same corner house. 00:18:40 Sledding on #7 School St. lawn with friend. 00:19:40 The barn in the backyard (now it has an addition) with snow. 00:19:50 Corea, ME picnic. 00:21:00 Acadia National Park. 00:21:19 Unidentified camp where the family was on vacation. 00:21:48 Dinner at home. On the far right, Mrs. Atkins; her husband was the first superintendent of the fish hatchery. 00:23:11 Wadsworth Cove. 00:23:20 Playing baseball in the yard. 00:23:51 Large elm tree in the background, which dad claimed was the largest in town. Baby: brother John. 00:25:00 Fort Knox, before it was a state park. 00:25:30 Wearing costumes from the attic. 00:26:16 Eating watermelon with a cousin. 00:26:26 In driveway with School St. in the background. 00:27:06 Alamoosook Lake opposite end from narrow waterway. 00:27:40 Brother John. 00:28:04 In front of big elm tree. 00:28:30 Mayflowers picked by grandfather; he picked them every year. 00:28:40 Digging in the driveway. 00:29:00 Sledding & skiing in the yard. 00:29:50 Dinner at the house. 00:30:50 Library in background behind John in the front yard. 00:32:18 Outdoor meal at grandmother's house in Dover-Foxcroft. 00:32:32 Castine? Dad and uncle in a sailboat. 00:33:00 Wadsworth Cove. 00:33:40 Alamoosook. 00:33:50 Robin Hood camp in Sargentville. 00:34:00 Camp out by dam in Alamoosook. 00:34:17 The road that goes to rt 1 from Mast Hill Road 00:35:12 School St. house 00:35:44 Wadsworth Cove. 00:36:00 Picnic in unidentified area. Hudson in background. Ben eats hot dog. 00:36:30 Ben and friend on motorcycle on school street. 00:37:23 Bucksport from across the river. Paper mill, oil tanks, water tower (1940s). 00:39:00 Waldo-Hancock bridge with original lamp-posts. 00:40:00 In the car.
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