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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1488.0005_VHS
3) 1488.0005_INSP3/4
4) nhf-1488_0005a.mov
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 005
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 5. 'Moose at Hampden and Chas. Jr., 1953. Camp at Aurora, Reg, Bobby and deer. Mittons and dogs, 100 ft. Moosehead, 1954, May and June. Quebec, Mont Marency Falls. White Mountains in the fall 1954, 100 ft. Trip to N.Y. and Fort Ticonderoga. Susan's birthday, 1956, 100 ft. Cabot Trail, 1957, 100 ft.' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 5, 10/13/1998: (39:41) Moose resting on ground. Field. Foliage. Moose still resting. Moves languidly or slowly. Group of men behind moose. Little boy running. Man observes moose. People still looking at moose. Little boy approaches moose. Hands in pockets, little boy runs away. (41:34) Suburban or van-like car motors down road. Dead deer lies in tailgate. Two men remove deer. Two dead deer lying on ground. Men with rifles examine head of deer. Crouched on ground, one man talks, holds deer by ears. Man descends from standing in tailgate. Two men by tailgate observe dead deer lying on ground. The deer hanging up for skinning, etc. (43:01) Cat and dog playing on ground. Puppy in vicinity. Dog, cat continue to play. Two pups chase cat. Pups, dog chase each other. Cat watches from tree. Cat climbs down into tree-crotch. Man approaches as dog and pup continue to chase each other. Dog wags tail. Man holds out stick for cat to grasp. Cat grasps end of stick or branch. (44:06) Three men in motorboat. One man waves as boat begins rapid voyage. Horizon, water surface. Boat wake. Man holds fish aloft in speeding boat. Boat slows. Distant shot of boat. Three children in bow and man and woman in stern. Side view of boat. (45:35) Tranquil water surface. Bridge. Silhouette of trees, enbankment. Moderate whitewater stream flowing. Stony enbankment. Bridge. Water flows over dam. (46:32) Horse-drawn carriage with man, woman passengers. Other man leads horse by rein. Waterfall. Tranquil water. Bridge with traffic. Enbankment. Shadowy shot of carriage. Dog is drawing carriage. Boy accompanies carriage as dog draws it away. Waterfall. Enbankment. Power lines above. Waterfall. Road. Mountain sides. Horizon with clouds. Closer view of mountain side. Foliage near mountain side. (48:31) Person in front seat of car. Cabin. Resort area cabins. Flags. Area for relaxation. Fence. Small building with spire. People on walkway. Old-fashioned stagecoach. People board it. Driver lights cigarette. Children climb into exterior seats behind driver. Coach departs. Passengers on upper coach exterior. (49:31) Man steps into duckingstool. Crowd watches as he manipulates self down into pool. He goes up and down into the water. People on bridge surrounding area. (50:04) Locomotive descending track. People in open car of train. Woman waves. Children descend steps of stone fort. Cannon placed in aperture. Alignment of cannons. Walls of fort. Cannon balls placed around sides. People walking in area. Bridge. Stone wall. Fort tower. Girl walking. Camera in hand. (50:59) Lion behind zoo fence. Lion roars. Polar bear in same area. Bear moves around, nods head. Girl outside of fence. Bear cubs. Lynxes, bobcats. One bathes the other with tongue. (51:49) Tranquil water surface. Little girl. She carries a flower and has a flower-leis around her waist, flowers in hair. Two boys join her. (52:24) Scottish bagpiper in kilts. Parked cars. He walks forward as he plays bagpipe. Stone enclosure and well-landscaped grounds. Woman walks forward with purse on arm. She carries paper items. Man walking. Bagpiper. Tranquil water surface. Green enbankment on each side. Well-kept area. Hills. Foliage. Flowering bushes. Parked cars. Woman points. Stone wall, sides surrounded by flowers. Car motors down road. Evergreen trees of adjacent hills. Foliage of mountain sides which lead down to water surface. White boulders, stony area, sparsely-foliaged. (54:11) Boulders on shoreline. Foam dashes against rocks. Flowers blooming in vicinity of stone wall. Breeze wafts foliage. (54:58) Large white building. Schoolhouse or church. Similar building, but smaller at right. Well-landscaped grounds, other buildings. Long public building. Commercial buildings. Cupolaed structure. Smoke ascends from factory chimneys. Horizon. Vehicles moving on street. (56:00) Two women, one man stand on boulders watching surf coming in. Surf breaking on boulders. (End Reel 5)
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