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1) [BLANK]
Film; 16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2157.0008-.0013_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
"Fishers of Men" Reel 2
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1957 – 1966
Pans of small village on the snowy coastline. On land, views of lobster traps piled in dooryards of small houses in deep snow. View of a church in show, and children making snowballs. A man escorts children out of a building into a large van marked "Maine State Library Bookmobile", and children exit carrying books. Two men (from the library?) pose at the door of the bookmobile. Views of people exiting a church on a winter Sunday. Views of Sunbeam underway, stopping by a lobster boat, and views of lobster boats anchored in harbor in winter. An ambulance backs up to the dock. Views of ice being crushed at the dock as Sunbeam docks. More views around the icy harbor, [Stonington?] and Sunbeam's icy wake as the boat travels across the water. View of man walking on ice between the boat and the shore, carrying a large pole. Shots of Sunbeam with ice up to the hull on all sides. Shots of Sunbeam berthed at dock with ice all around the harbor. 2157.0012-0015 make up the film "Fishers of Men"
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