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16mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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BetaCamSP; Silent
[Maine Sea Coast Mission--home movies] Reel 2
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A man and woman dressed in fur coats and hats on a dogsled ride along a bridge. Views of a dog handler giving the woman and child a ride. They wave to the camera as they drive by. A ski jump area. a jumper carries his skis as he walks up ramp to jump area. Blurry views as the camera tries to follow one of the jumpers down the ramp and over the jump through spectators. Views of a metropolitan area, with horse-drawn sleighs after a snowstorm. We see one of the women walking in the snow in a city area. One walks out of a Boucherie (butcher shop). The same woman poses on a corner with a small child as a horse-drawn sleigh drives by. Views of a horse-drawn sleigh on a narrow street. Views of men shoveling snow which is very deep in places, and views of children running toward camera on a narrow street. On another street, children play and help shovel snow, while adults climb a long stairwell in the distance. Shots of man and woman walking along a narrow road in the winter, waving to the camera as they walk. In another shot, they greet men outdoors in a snowstorm in a rural area, waving their arms to keep warm. There are handshakes all around. Pan to a small rural store pumps. the man, woman and three other men pose by the store. Views of the woman in fur coat in larger city setting, perhaps at a university. Back in rural are, men come out in snow to the Socony Special Gasoline pumps (Socony stood for Standard Oil Company of New York). Men stand around talking near two trucks. More views of the rural town, including colonial style houses. Several cows wonder down a snowy slope and are herded by a dog and man. The cows wander around the town. More shots of the couple walking on snowy road. Two people pose with the sheep dog and two puppies in front of the store. A two-horse sleigh leaves the store, and large horse drawn wagon arrives. Woman in fur coat walks toward camera with young boy, then stops to snap a picture of the person holding the film camera.
Can notes: "Quebec + [Gt. B?] Reel notes: "Quebec and [?]
Winter, Skis and skiing
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