3 Copies of This Film
1) 1579.0004_F35
35mm film; [650 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
3) 1579.0004_VHS
VHS; Silent
[Vermont Flood, 1927]
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Intertitle: “Newport, Vt. suffers heavy property loss as waters rise, carrying away bridges and floating streets and homes.” Automobile driving through flooded streets. Horse-drawn carriage through flooded streets. Man carries wooden box or crate walking through water up to his knees. People in a rowboat row down the street. Panning shot of buildings and water level. Shot of group of people who greet the boat. Cars and trucks drive through water on flooded street. Shot of car stuck. People on bridge and rushing water – people work to clear debris. Many shots of damage including power lines down. Shot of water touching the underside of the bridge. Men in uniform with rifles on the bridge. Shots of bridge damage. Flooded railcar and railroad tracks. Group of people use small handcar along the railroad track through the flood waters. Person with luggage walks across bridge that is covered with small logs and debris. Flooded railway station with parked railcars. Handcar used to navigate water. Men walk through ankle-deep water along a fence line. Intertitle: “The Clyde River Goes on the Rampage.” Shot of man filming rushing water/Clyde River. Looks like a dam or waterfall area. Water rushing into a building through window. Rushing water. Intertitle: “Orleans, Vt.—Receding Flood leaves Havoc and Ruin in its wake.” Shots of damage to town: damaged railroad tracks, destroyed buildings – shot of people looking around town. Intertitle: “Coventry, Vt.—Flood takes a toll of Two Lives and hardly a resident in the village was not damaged.” Shots of trees down and water. View of car pieces in water, damaged buildings and damaged bridges.
Natural disasters
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