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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2525.0004-.0006_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 5, Accession 2525
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1941 – 1946
Can note: “No 26 – News 1941” Reel note: “Events About Town ’44 + ‘45” Boys ski. Tall grass pokes up through snow. Appears to be a back yard or field near homes. Several boys come down small hill and pass by camera. Young girls follow. Various shots of children skiing over small ski jump made out of snow. Older children try a larger jump; one boy falls and breaks tip of ski off. Cross country race amongst children. Shot of cocker spaniel in the snow. Various shots of starting point, children racing. Skiers having to pass through a barrel on its side (by laying down and wiggling through on the skis) as part of the race. One boy sits on top of the barrel and pushes the skiers through. Little girl with crown sits in a snow seat decorated with streamers. Children throw confetti over her. Others gather around, crossing their ski poles in the air. Man surrounded by piles of rocks. House on fire, smoke coming from under the roof. Fire fighters rushing to the scene, climbing ladders to roof. Smoke engulfs the house. View of fire truck. Shot of machinery and view of Hussey Manufacturing building. Boy stands with trout on stick. Back to view of men using large tractor pulley system of some kind to move large steel piece. Views of cabins in a row, then a larger row of houses. Landscape shots including pond, trees, and parked cars. Shot of sailboat. Man working a barbecue. Shot of people sitting at picnic tables. Gulls on the water. Shot of antique car leaving parking lot. Shot of round stone building resembling a castle turret. Large steel frames being moved and places to form a structure. Shot of large bleachers set up on sports field. Color shots of changed leaves in autumn. Dark footage of men taking turn shooting a rifle; snow-covered ground and trees. View of large crowd of men gathered for shooting. Footage is dark because it is night time. Crowd gathers in front of school; snowy ground. Men open curtain to reveal Honor Roll listings in No. Berwick. Marching group of young men in Navy uniforms. Panning shot of boy scouts. Group of men in uniforms. White caps with blue uniforms. Caps have shield or detail that does not look typical for the Navy. Another panning shot of boy scouts. Man in green Army uniform. Panning shot of boy scouts standing in front of Hussey truck and brick building. Shot of younger scouts seated on yard, smiling at camera. Tented teepee structures and flags set up as campsite – wooden flag poles also have wooden NB (possibly for North Berwick). View of bus parked in background. Various shots of boys cooking at open fire. Marching band; shot of crowd of well dressed men and women. Two girls in dresses. Wedding party. Shot of bride and groom, crowd throws rice. Shot of boy scouts eating at handmade picnic table. Shot of another table with three boy scouts eating, view of Hussey MFG. Co. STEEL No. Berwick, ME truck parked behind picnic table. Panning shot of school children dressed for winter, standing outside of building. Children play in the snow. Skiing. Boys with numbers on jackets race. More shots of skiers having to pass through barrel on its side. Some get stuck, are pushed by boy sitting on top of barrel. Shots of numbered skiers (children) attempting small, handmade ski jumps. (Made of snow.) Panning shot of all the skiing children lined up for the camera.
Philip W. Hussey
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