2 Copies of This Film
1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2524.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 2, Accession 2524
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1937 – 1938
Shot of waves on sea wall. Shot of water with large waves, water and waves in rocks. Shot of man sitting on rock shooting him with a camera. Color shot of boat docked. Shot of boat on water. Boat comes up to dock, ties on. Shot of men putting lobsters into a barrel. Shot of sunset behind the mountains. Water and waves crashing on rocks. Shot of three young boys on the rocks. Birds taking off together in a flock over the water. Wide shot of man on cliff with waves crashing up around the cliff. Various shots of waves hitting the rocks. Birds flying in the sky – creating a V formation. Group of people gathered on rocks, watching the waves. Men stand in a circle and bait hooks. Man wearing rubber boots casts out in water. Woman in bathing suit and bathing cap on beach. Young boy plays in sand on beach – joined by brother. Sunset. Baby wades into the water. Man and woman embrace. Boy and girl run into the water. Baby boy dunks head in water, walks toward the camera. Various shots of men and women/family on the beach. Shot of woman in bathing cap and suit walking in water. Children play in boat on the beach – little girl jumps up and down in it. Men clean fish on side of house. Little boy kicks water at the camera. Man runs into water and back out, laughing and waving. Man and woman pull boat into water, young boy gets in, other boy pushes boat around. Both boys get into the boat and parents pull the boat out into the water. Plane flying. Woman in suit and bathing cap in water. Another shot of plane overhead. Woman in water up to her waist. Two women wading through the water. Plane lands on beach/sand. Man does long jump on beach in his swimming trunks. Truck backs into a garage. Boat that reads: MOBY DICK WELLS BEACH, ME. Truck pulls boat from boathouse/garage. Men push babies in carriages. People gathered around parked cars and around MOBY DICK boat on the street. Men move boat toward launch area. Men use large wooden planks to lift the boat and put it onto the truck. Shot of woman on end of boat. Crowd gathered on street. People gathered together. Boat is launched. Six people on the boat, one person in small row boat. Boat takes off. Shot of people watching from the dock. Wide shot of boat out in the water, people on board waving to the camera. People gathered for picnic on the beach. Woman in bathing suit runs by camera. Women and girls swim/try to avoid the camera. Woman and man play catch using lacrosse sticks. Slow motion shot of woman using lacrosse stick. Young boys play in small boat on the lawn of beach house. Woman runs up stairs. Woman walks on beach. Young girl smiles/sticks tongue out at camera. Children swim/play in the water. Man helps woman with her contact. Older man walks funny in front of camera. Swimming. Can notes: “Wells Beach ’38 Reel #1.”
Philip W. Hussey
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