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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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BetaCamSP; Silent
[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 34
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1929 – 1930
Ann+Margot 1929+1930 Donor notes: "Mary, Peggy, Whiskers + others on lawn [C.H.] + baseball in meadow April 7, 1929 Ann- outdoors posing for "pro" photograph + having a bath [Weston} April 17, 1930 Ann outdoors [Weston] Nov. 2, 1930 Ann + Margot indoors + out [Weston] Jan 10-11, 1931" Bemis daughter Ann was born July 1, 1929, and daughter Margot was born October 8, 1930. Shots of Mary (aka Chapie) and several other women sitting on a grassy hill in overcoats, playing with several dogs, including one terrier (Whiskers) puppy who is later seen in many reels with Bemis children. This most likely shot in the Bemis family summer house in Cohasset, MA, April 7, 1929. Long shots of young adults playing baseball in a meadow in Cohasset. Views of Ann, at approximately 9 months in a pram, looking out, while a black puppy licks her face, tries to take up space in the pram. Views of Ann being sat up by Chapie on a table, April 17, 1930 Slightly out of focus. Chapie arranges the baby's clothes, the baby seems interested in the camera. Slightly out of focus views of Ann having a bath, splashing, getting toweled off, then being brought outdoors and sitting in Chapie's lap while the black puppy dances and jumps around them. Views of Alan playing with the dog. Brief shots of Ann wrapped up in her pram. Long shot Chapie pushing pram down road, with black dog running alongside, Nov. 2, 1930. Views of toddler Ann dressed in leggings, hat and sweater walking around the yard at the Mortimer Seabury house in Weston, MA, where the Bemises lived, being watched by Chapie and Alan. At one point, Alan lifts her to look in a bassinet where her sister Margot, born Oct. 8, 1930, is lying. Chapie and another woman walk with pram with Ann in it. Interior views of Ann walking around and baby Margot lying on a bed, January 10-11, 1931. Chapie encourages Ann to show a toy to Margot. Shots of Alan showing Ann some paper. Ann is brought outdoors in her hat, coat, leggings and mittens. She walks with a woman on a snowy slope. She sits in the drivers' seat in an open car, and is taken for a ride in her pram. Chapie sits with Margot indoors, and Alan poses with a quiet, somber Margot.
Families, Children
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