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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent
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4) 1488.0018-.0021_VHS
VHS; Silent; Color
5) 1488.0018-.0021_INSP3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 21
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Can Descriptions
Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 21. 'April 1966. Peanut and Chas. fishing at [Ambajesus] Falls. Mt. Katahdin covered with snow. Ken and Rick at Green Lake, April. Ken and Chas. at Eats Grand Lake, May 1966. Close up of moose at West Branch Pond. Fishing at Mud Pond and at Ken and Mary's camp. Squirrel in tree, and Rick's graduation, June, from grammar school. Lu Hosur and Chas. Jr. Sue, Dad, Mom fooling around, summer 1966.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes fo Reel 21: Intertitles: '1966. (1) Peanut & Charles fishing at Ambajejus Lake. (2) Mt. Katahdin covered with snow. (3) Ken and Rich at Green Lake. (4) Ken & Charles at East Grand Lake. (5) Close up of moose at East Branch Pond. (6) Fishing at Midpond at Ken & Mary's camp. (7) Squirrel in tree & Rick's graduation from grammar school. (8) Lu Hosur, Charles Jr., Dad, Sue & Mom fooling around.' 03:36. Lake surface, shoreline, trees. Winter. Right tracking pan. of area. 04:04. Snow of shoreline. Mt. Katahdin covered with snow in immediate distance. Pan. of area, snow. Man at steering wheel of boat. He has just had a quick drink. He points outward. Repeat shots of aforescribed area. 05:02. Man sitting on seat in boat. His fishing rod nearby. Younger man is in boat. He picks up fish one of them has caught. Man adjusts fishing rod. He casts it into water. Young man tightens line on reel. Older man places worm on fishing line. Young man appears to be asleep over boat seats. 06:00. He dazedly awakes. Young man in car. Woman with cup on grounds before home. She waves. Young man stands by car. Woman walks down path. She carries case. Man in seat of boat threading fishing line. Fishing rod extended over water. Rod is attached to side of boat. Man is extending fishing line. He holds aloft string of fish which was previously caught. 07:00. Fishing tackle in lake, fish struggling. Fish is snared in net. Cabins on shoreline of lake. Boats moored in water. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Older man standing near boat. He holds aloft fish catch on string. Motorboat with motor attached, gear. Man emerges from suburban-type car. He removes fuel can from boat. Fish catch lies in water. 08:06. Copious tree area. Moose appears. Pan. lake surface, shoreline trees, mountain sides. Moose is swimming in lake. He strides through ripples. He drinks from lake. He walks in the lake. He returns to shore. 09:01. Thickly leafed, verdant trees in midst of forest. Suburban-type car with canoe inverted on roof enters area. Car moves cautiously through tree area. Man crouches down in the area. 10:00. He places an excellent fish catch on oar. Small wooden bridge. Woman with bowl in hand walks across bridge. She has fish in bowl. Sets them down on bridge. She waves with cloth she had for bowl cover. Man has been watching her. Camp in midst of tree grove. Figure waves from doorway. 11:00. Woman emerges. Hands on hips, she walks down path. Section of richly-leafed trees, abundant foliage. Squirrel scurries through foliage. Ascends tree. Squirrel climbing branch. Two young men emerge from door of home. They fool, indulge in horseplay. Casually dressed man tugs at sleeve of more formally-clad buddy. They shake hands after one gives the other a paper. These are sheets of paper, typing size. The men stand by clothesline. 12:02. Casually-clad man strikes bodybuilder pose, flexes biscep. He does a bit more posing. They enter house. Three young men in tree area. One still has papers. Two men hold formally-clad one between them. They walk forward laughing. Woman standing on ladder propped against exterior of home. She descends. She crouches over. Her head between her legs, she gestures with hands. Repeats gesture. Walks jauntily around. Sticks out tongue. Same woman lies on ground. Her hands, legs raised, man approaches. She raises him aloft on tips of toes. 13:00. Wholesome fun between the two continues. Arm-in-arm, they walk away. She crouches down and grasps him once again. She sticks her tongue out. Same girl is now fooling with younger man, trying to wrestle.
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