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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[David L. Knowlton--home movies] Reel 3
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Viewing Notes
UNEDITED NHF cataloguer's notes, 8/97 (notes are divided into 9 parts due to length, donor's notes inserted in brackets): Pan of mountain side, expanse of evergreen trees. Shot moves to the right. Pan of landscape as photographed from airplane or aerial pan. [Aerial footage of Guilford, Maine, town flooded by St. Lawrence River.] Patches or 'islands' of ice can be viewed in this unique panorama. Window frames of airplane intersect this fine track panorama of the world below. Aerial panorama and window frames of airplane continue in shot. Shot of clouds near plane and window frames of plane. LS of women in a grove of trees. One is plucking something from a tree while another secures an object from the ground. One lady lifts up small tree from ground. Another lady is gathering fruit in a wicker basket. MS of lady wandering through orchard. She appears to be weeding. MS of orchard with its shrubbery. MS of two ladies emerging from doorway of home. Two others follow. Ladies stand for group photo. Lady on far left eats apple or fruit of some kind. Ladies clown for camera. MS of two ladies acting for camera. One brushes the other off while lady on right eats apple. CU of smiling lady. She wears glasses. Pleasantly, she clowns a bit. CU of another lady. She says a few words. Makes a fleeting face. Pan long waterfall. Shot of churning white water in the waterfall. Shot of landscape adjacent to waterfall including trees and cantilever bridge. Quick track shot of car. Track shot of landscape including water towers. Quick shot of two children kissing. Young boy and girl pretending to be sweethearts. MS of two men near snowbank. Snowshoes are stuck in snowbank. One man removes them. He walks away carrying them and another small item. Man walks forward, snowshoes in hand. These shots are a little shadowy. LS of man dragging small assorted load onto ice, sled fashion. MS of man wearing snowshoes walking onto ice. Single file, three men cross the ice. Shot of landscape. Civilized area, telephone poles, houses, snow on ground. Unfrozen lake surface mirrors buildings on shoreline. Pan of area. Extension of the same traveling to the left. LS of man standing in unfrozen portion of lake. Pan of trees, snow, general area. Shot tracks to right. MS of car. More pan shot. Quick shot of two boys. One is churning ice cream freezer. MS of football team in action. Quick shot of cheerleaders. MS of little girl. She has schoolbooks and pad under arm. She waves at camera. Shot moves right to little boy swinging his arms back and forth. He walks over and kisses little girl. MS of little boy pedaling tricycle down sidewalk. He is joined by buddy on foot. His buddy has very small wheelbarrow which he pushes along on its lone wheel. CU of boy on tricycle followed by CU of his buddy with wheelbarrow. Alternate CU of these two boys. One gives his friend a kiss which is not appreciated. MS of young girl spreading blanket on ground. MS of two women. One lady comes up behind boy and smacks him playfully on his posterior. Boy runs. Two women pursue him playfully. MS boy and girl attired in winter hats and coats. They smile, rise from ground and wave at camera. Quick shot of two little boys kissing. MS of two children in park. One is swinging while friend sits on park bench. Friend stops swinging, joins friend ensconced on bench. They hug one another. One playfully slaps the other. MS of the two as they walk down sidewalk. MS of man standing by car. Two ladies approach. Man walks away. MS of monument in cemetery. Blurry MS of man and boy. Man bends down and kisses boy. CU of boy's face. MCU of young girl's face. MS of man walking down the street while holding drinking cup in hand. (These last few shots are blurry.) Man quickly eats something. He is joined by little boy. Hand in hand, they walk away. MS of youngster tricycling along on sidewalk. Shot follows girl as she pedals down sidewalk. Young girl and man emerge from doorway. (Photography has improved now.) They return to house. Newspaper in hand, man waves at camera. MS of two girls on lap of older man. One girl has book. The other looks on. Man points to open book. Both girls look at book. Girl at right has toy. One girl rocks back out of sight, pretending to fall over. MS of three people outside, lady and two children. A pile of wood. Woman walks around a little. Shot moves to woodpile. Little boy snuggles up to woman. Other child runs up to woman and snuggles against her. CU of lady as she smiles. Rear shot of woman, children as they walk away. CU of woman emerging from doorway of house. She wears a curious-looking vest. It appears as if composed of very small medals or buttons or seashells. An older lady and man emerge from the house. Quick shots of the older lady and man. Man doffs hat to camera. MS of older woman and young girl walking forward together. MS of lady in pantsuit. MS of three ladies. One carries something in her arms. It looks like a blanket. LS of lake with canoe on surface. Two men operate this long canoe. Mountain side in background. CU of man's back as he fishes from canoe. CU of lady smiling as she knits vigorously. CU of this lady heartily chewing gum. The chewing and the knitting are in rhythm. Man places arm around lady. Lady scratches the side of her head. She and the man smile for camera. MS of building on public street. Shot moves to lady who is feeding white pigeons. MS of pigeons flying through the air. CU of side of car. Man smoking pipe emerges. He waves his hat at the camera. Quick CU of man's face. Quick CU of woman's face. MS of man opening door of car for lady. He smokes cigarette. Quick shot of stevedore wheeling 'dolly' down ramp of dock. Quick MSs of children out-of-doors. CU of smiling boy. Waves mittened hand at camera. MS of older man emerging from doorway. He walks forward. CU of young boy's face. CU of another young boy. He sticks his tongue out at camera. MS of three children, clad for winter, emerging from doorway. Holding hands they walk forward. Rear shot of them walking. MS of two boys standing in front of doorway. Door is windowed with curtains inside. Little girl kisses boy as snow commences falling. Boy laughs, waves at camera. Children clown, jump around. Rear shot of child running forward. MS of two children standing in doorway. Shot of group of people. They're males of various ages. Shot of group of ladies of varied ages. CU of woman in window. Leaning on the palms of her hands, she smiles. Quick CU of woman sitting on porch. Back of porch is constructed of slender tree trunks, cut thin. [Family's summer camp?] MS of group of ladies walking down street single file. MS of three ladies standing in doorway. Lady in center is slightly obese. Two ladies walk forward, holding hands. Quick shot of two ladies shaking hands by bakery sign [Family-owned Knowlton Bakery, Greenville, Maine.] Quick shots of ladies walking about. One climbs steps, enters bakery. MS of lady in area in which are wooden slats which look like bars on prison windows. She lifts shovel up in jokingly menacing gesture. Quick shot of young boy starting to climb ladder. Quick shot of young girl sticking her tongue out at camera. Quick shot of young girl, with doll in arms. Quick shot of girl hurrying down street. She wears red kerchief with white fringe. MS of two boys sliding down hill on sled. One boy stands. Quick CU of child standing in doorway. Adult appears in doorway. Child sticks tongue out. Quick shot of two children standing in doorway. CU of little boy maneuvering his tricycle. CU of him eating as he tricycles. Rear shot of child walking down street. Child wears snowsuit. Puppy is with child.
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