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1) 2426.0093_F16
16mm film; [300 ft]; Silent; Color
2) 2426.0091-.0093_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 93
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June 21 – September 20 1934
From Logbook: A.W.H. and Edna leave for Hanover to see there [sic] new grand-daughter Carrol Hinds. C.B.H. and Bayard. At the picnic across the lake. Flossie Skillings, John and Alta DeMallie, Bayard, Sally, Gardner, Clara and Duke. Mary Everett and Flossie in bathing suits. Wadsworth, Richard, Bill Williams, And Peg. Cooking dinner. Chet Sweat the chef. Gar and Dorothy. C.B.H. and Bayard leaving for Hanover to see their new grand-daughter, Carrol. Airplane at camp. Brinkler's at camp. Bee., Alfred, A.W.H. and Con. [sic] Rundlette and Bartol. A.W.H., Edna, Clara, Bayard, Gar., Wadsworth, And Charles Jr. as A.W.H., Edna and Charles Jr. leave for Boston to pick out apartment C.B.H. leaving for Portland same day, later A.W.H., Ethel, Helen Corey, Dorothy and Kitty Walton at Camp Kawanhee to see Larry and Sonny. Larry and Sonny in bathing suits. Sally, Sonny, Wadsworth and Larry on beach. Larry and Sonny swimming. Sonny diving. Helen Corey, Sally and Christine Corey. The crowd on the beach. A boy diving. Sonny and Sally. Jim Kibbourn. Sonny's birthday party and picnic. C.B.H. 7 Larry on the beach at Kawanhee. A.W.H., Helen Corey, Dorothy and Gar. In row boat bound for picnic across the lake. Bayard and Christine. The crowd at the picnic. A.W.H. with Jack the fire warden. The Corey's leave for home. Larry and Dagmar in swimming.
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