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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Blodget--home movies]
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Can Descriptions
Home movies of winter and summer scenes in and around Bucksport shot primarily by Benjamin P. Blodget (1863-1957), resident of Bucksport. NHF cataloguing notes, 2/93: 01:00:17 Hamlin Memorial Hall (Unity?). 01:00:24 Blodget house and porch, Mrs. Atkins on porch. Waldo-Hancock bridge in background. 01:00:49 Phillips Lake, Lucerne with waterslide. 01:00:55 G. Laurance Blodget in white hat. Arthur Swazey (grandfather of rep. Michael Swazey, with deer. 01:01: Ripogenus dam. 02:00 Bucksport, Franklin Street, Memorial Day Parade. Ben Blodget. Elementary school students in jacket and shorts, early 1930s. 02:00:20 End Central St., Bucksport. Verona Island in background. Same parade. 02:00:36 Extreme left, Western Auto Building. 02:00:47 Bucksport, Old Home Week. color, Main Street. Alamo building, small restaurant next to Corner Drug Store. Homer Mooney, Orland, with oxen. Lived on Falls Road. 02:01:26 First National Store is where Florist is now on Main St. 02:01:35 Bucksport Drug Store, also on Main St. Snow removal. 02:01:41 Elm Street Congregational Church, summer fair, ca. 1950. Middle woman is Mrs. Merle Abbott, son lives in Belfast. Husband was a river pilot, used to row out to meet ships on Penobscot. On right, Mary Sargent. 02:01:45 Tent, woman telling fortunes. Second boy from left, Ronald Patterson, still lives in Bucksport. 02:02:05 Baby contest, women holding babies. 02:02:10 Ben Blodget selling tickets. 02:02:27 Ellen Page and her daughter. 02:02:30 John Blodget. 02:02:50 Reverend Brown and his wife Mary, their daughter Sharon. 03:00:26 Schoodic Point. 03:00:52 Castine Road fire filmed by grandfather. 03:01 Family picnic (blue). Sieur de Monts Springs, Mount Desert Island. 03:01:57 Fred Blodget is man in white hat. Daughter Sara Page comes to Alamoosook. Lives in Kennebunk. Hazel Blodget in coat with black trim, Ben's mother. 03:02:27 Benjamin P. Blodget's house on School Street. House decorated for winter holidays with Princess Pine. 03:02:52 Hazel (Ben's mothers) picnic. Indian picnic basket. 03:03:07 University of Maine winter festival. 03:04:11 University of Maine graduation (b&w). 03:04:35 Women students dance (Pandora's box). 03:06 Cousin and mother. 03:06:30 Blue Hill Falls, Nevins estate, two aunts. 04:00:18 New York World's Fair, 1939 (col.) 04:02:28 Williamsburg. 04:02:51 Florida, motel alligators. 04:04:04 Silver Springs, Marine Studios. Ben's brother with animals on him. Boats. 04:06:23 Tomatoes? Cypress Gardens. 04:09:12 Aroostook County, brother and father, potato blossoms. Easton. Brother lives in Presque Isle. 04:10 Cyprus (Ben went with US Government) Telecommunications relay. 04:11:08 US Embassy, Nicosia, Cyprus. 04:11:33 Trip home.
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