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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) nhf-1108_0159a 18fps HD Reel 159 PARTIAL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reels 158-159
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Can Descriptions
Reels 158 and 159 combined on VHS screening tape. Archie Stewart can notes: Reel 158: Summer 1967. 15 June - 12 Sept. 1) Kids visit. 2) Mary-ah and Fred visit. 3) Trip to camp. 24 July - 10 August. Reel 159: Begin with continuation of 158. Summer 1967, 15 June - 12 Sept. Kids were here. 4) Help Mary-ah move into Saran Ave. 5-8 Sept. 5) The buildings we bought on Ann Street. 6) Take John Wallace to Peddie 12 Sept. 7) Sept trip to Camp 18-29 Sept. Screening notes: Color. VS of young girl standing on lawn before and after haircut. Models her long hair then poses with braided hair that has been cut. Girl shows bob haircut with red roses in foreground. July 24-August 10, 1967. Mary, Fred, Abby in back yard at 388 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY Abby with braids cut off. VS of Sauls and Hafer kids using skipping toy that swings from one ankle, with varying degrees of success. Mary and Fred preparing red Buick for long road trip to Survival School in Spokane WA. Mary Lou with dachshund. African American maid, Esther Gunther, tries to hide from camera as departing family says goodbye. Children feeding swan and cygnets. CUs of swan. CU of handpuppet dog, pullout to girl seated on porch. WS of Holiday Inn sign. Family poses in front of sign, waves to camera. VS of children swimming and diving, some slow motion. Four children playing badminton, MS from above at 388 Grand Street. Children playing with building blocks. Children pose with grandmother [Mary Stewart]. VS of swimming pool jammed with children. WS of [Air Force?] soldiers standing at attention on airport tarmac. Honor guard greeting. Mrs. Mary Stewart in broadbrimmed, flowered hat poses with another woman and officer. Children playing croquet [brief]. Archie Stewart playing badminton with granddaughter. Four children peering into barn. Man leads horse out of barn. Children mounted on horses ride around outdoor ring. More swimming pool shots. More slow motion diving. MS of Newburgh Savings Bank. Sauls children approach and enter bank. Interior of bank, children conduct business with teller. MS of children filling out forms with woman at desk. Exterior, children exit bank, hold up [savings account pass book?]. U of flower. WS of swimming pool, fire trucks in background. MS of children swimming. Children hugging Earl Bonness. Girl picking wild raspberries, CU of berries in can. VS of girl checking plants in vegetable garden at camp. Earl scything. Girl building miniature grass hut. Boy dancing and whooping beside man hammering on oil drum. Group of children whittling sticks. Cooking fish over an outdoor barbecue. WS of lake. Carrying picnic table out of log cabin. Family eating lunch outside. Tecky Bonness cook. Rex Sauls cutting birthday cake, opening presents. Boy uses large bubble wand to send stream of bubbles over table. Boy opens huge birthday card, 'We Miss You.' Night shots of sparklers. LS of children swimming in lake. Three girls pose on dock then dive one by one. Boys shooting rifles, at skeet, over lake. WS of targets being launched while group watches. Man helps children launch motorized canoe from dock. Group of children gather around John holding snake, CU on snake [out of focus]. VS of children waterskiing. Shots from dock and from boat. Nice sequence, color. Two girls pose with fish catch, in doorway with 'Skeumhegen' sign. Moving shot from boat of another boat moving across lake; boats rendezvous. CU of child's sketch of clothed animals seated at table in kitchen. Children roasting marshmallows over campfire. Man pushing wheelbarrow with girl riding inside. CU of large model log cabin, girl pops up from behind. Frail Rob Golding sits on stairs with children and Archie. VS of kids in moving boat. VS of fishing from boat in ocean. 388 Grand Street birthday party for Mrs Mary Stewart, CUs of each child seated at table eating cake. African American woman serves food, Esther Gunther. All are wearing party hats. Archie uses liquid sweetener (Sucaryl) in coffee. Pan of mantelpiece with birthday cards. Posing beside garage door, tallest to shortest, Archie Stewart with grandchildren. Same children in garden with grandmother Mary Stewart, holding croquet mallets. Archie hands stalk of flowers to each child. Air Force ceremony. Stewart family on reviewing stand with officers. VS of family outside brown house, pan of house. Boy, barechested with hammer. Another boy leans against his chest, woman hugs. Street scene: Pan from Dayton Thornbred Tires to three story brick building. Same building from other side, used carpet store to left. Young man carrying large pile of books walking in parking lot. VS of brick buildings, Mrs Mary Stewart walking on sidewalk. Mrs. Stewart seated on steps of cabin mixing ingredients in bowl. WS of cabin. Autumn foliage, red. Mary and Archie Stewart with elderly Rob Golding, standing outside house. Dark shots of woman shooting at target. Mary Stewart poses with painting beside lake. WS of Archie and Mary Stewart holding fish mounted on plaque, standing beside boat. VS of dinner table set for party. MS of Stewarts and two guests. Mrs. Mary Stewart with daughter and two grandchildren pose for camera in front of car. VS of interior of cabin: painted block figures, hunting trophy heads of deer, moose, fish, rifle, mantle clock. Wall calendar, man points to November 17, 1967. Child's drawing of hunters in field. Pan across sign 'Skeumhegen.' VS of bedrooms in cabin. Earl Bonness eating at table with Archie Stewart and another man. Men playing poker. CU of playing cards with nude women. MS of movie projector. MS of Jeep driving up forest path. Loading dead deer into bed of Jeep. Dragging deer onto dock. Boys playing with hula hoop. Dinner table set for Thanksgiving with paper decorations, turkey, pilgrim. VS of family, being served by African American woman.
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: July 24-August 10. Mary, Fred, Abby in backyard at 388 Grand Street, Newburgh NY. Abby with braids cut off. Sauls and Hafer kids playing ankle hoop game. (All except Tom Hafer, who had summer job in Germany paving roads.) Mary and Fred preparing red Buick for long road trip to Survival School in Spokane, WA. Mary Lou with our long haired puppy, Norton. (Heid's pup). Esther Gunther saying farewell. Swans with cygnets. Hand puppet worn by Mary Lou on back porch. Fred's parents and sister with Hafer and Sauls kids. Motel swimming pool with Hafer and Sauls kids en route to Maine. Kids badminton in 388 Grand Street back yard. Elizabeth with ankle hoop. Kids on back porch playing with blocks. Kids lined up with their Nana (Mary Stewart). Motel pool again. Stewart AFB. Mother dressed up wtih airport brass. Kids in back yard again. Fred Hafer and Archie in game. These scenes are badly out of sequence; father often cut films apart for editing and showing but seldom put them back in chronological order. Kids riding horseback, don't know where. Motel pool again. Mary Lou iwth fancy bathing cap, her Nana's? Diving. Sauls kids depositing money in Newburgh Savings Bank. Flower. Another? motel swimming pool. Earl Bonness and kids. Picking wild raspberries. Garden at Camp, Earl mowing with scythe. Kids "fairy houses". Kids whittling by outdoor fireplace. Our lobster boat in Pocumcus Lake. Dining outdoors. Tecky Bonness, cook. Kids with soap bubbles. John Hafer with sign for Rex Sauls' birthday, Aug 2. Sparklers and fireworks at night. Swimming in lake. Girls diving. John shooting clay birds. Earl with kids in canoe. John and Mary Lou with snake. Inexpert water skiing behind canoe. Abby with fish. Mary Lou with clever cartoon of people at Camp as animals. Little house at Brooks Bluff Motel, Robbinston, Maine. Rob Golding with kids. Kids ocean fishing with handlines. Nana's (Mary Stewart) birthday, Aug 8 in dining room at 388 Grand Street, Esther serving. Archie putting Sucaryl in his iced tea. Archie and kids, Nana and kids. Thanksgiving 1967. Fred Hafer was serving in Vietnam, senior and junior Hafers in Newburgh. #1 Saran Ave., Bedford MA where I lived while Fred was in Vietnam. Deep January snow. Mother with our dogs. Trip to Sauls in California. Western scenes. Kids with large dog jumping through hoop. Mother and Ann. Bel Air Motel. Surfer. Ann on horseback on "Choo-Choo," Rex on same horse. Ann trotting and cantering. Archie and kids. Ann and dog. Friends. Rex in costumes. Elizabeth in express wagon. Archie bicycling with kids. Abby in Bedford at Saran Ave. Mother and Archie at Stewart Field ceremony. #1 Saran Ave., Bedford, MA. Tom, John and me. Our long-haired dachshunds, Norton and Heidi. Old buildings on Ann Street, Newburgh, NY, which abutted and were purchased by Broadway Garage. John with school books, being taken by Archie and Nana to Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ. Camp: Mother and Rob Golding. Mother shooting at target, and with one of her paintings. Mother and Father with trophy togue that had been caught by Ed Barnes. Dinner table at 388 Grand Street. Unknown man and woman, not a fancy meal. John, Abby and I in back yard. Camp again. Cabin #3, Birch logs painted by Mother: Abdullah Bulbul Amir and Ivan Skavinsky Skavar. Deer head about mantel. "Bruce the moose." Trophy togue. Perpetual clock. Broadway Garage calendar. Mary Lou's animal cartoon. Mother's cartoon of the Three Musketeers. (My two grandfathers and Roy Curtis and their dogs.) Beds, barrel stove. Early drinking coffee in Cook cabin. Tommy Lockhead. Archie peeling fruit in one long peel. Earl and Tommy playing cards with girlie cards. Archie's movie projector running at Camp. Jeep with deer carcass going to boat.
Camps, Birthdays, Travel
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