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1) 5267-07-SPRO-88_VHS
2) 5267-07-SPRO-88_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; approx. 20 min.; Sound; Color
[Seapro project] Tape 7
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Can Descriptions
NHF viewing notes: Dated 10-07-1988. Maintenance worker Bruce Royer, office workers, 'Jubilee' boat, interview with boat captain Dale Prentiss, cooker, dryer, conveyor, fish storage tank, smokestack, evaporator building, interview with boiler operator Rick Wallace. Log notes from Bob McIntire as follows: Bruce Royer, Camden Maintenance, in plant 1980. White balance off. Cutaways of. Bookkeeper and office manager go over insurance figures. Office workers. Exterior pan of office. Royer loads truck. Truck loaded with office records leaves. Jubilee (ship) pulls into the dock past the schooner. Pan down boat as rope is tossed aboard. Net boat for Jubilee pulls alongside. Pogies in hold of Jubilee. Interview with Dale Prentiss, captain. Pan of cooker to dryer. Overhead conveyor system moving meal to warehouse. Vapor piping to bio filter. Fish storage tank as person walks to dryer room dark. Large bio filter connection, peat. ECU green grass on filter. Smokestack pan to evaporator building. Pan from cooking shack to coiler room. Tilt down stack. Tilt up. Zoom to vacuum tower. Tilt down vacuum tower. Interview Rick Wallace, Union. One year boiler operator. Little dark use bunker c #6 fuel oil.
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