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Kletterschuh--Part 2, Reel 36
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1935 – 1936
Can Descriptions
Film II Kletterschuh - Climbing in the Dolomites
Viewing Notes
Title card: ‘KLETTERSCHUH CLIMBING IN THE DOLOMITES as demonstrated by three guides from Cortina D’Ampezzo – Angelo Dimai, Guiseppe Dimai and Celsa Degasper Scenario by Giuseppe Dimai, Photography by Christine L. Reid. Intertitle: ‘St. Cristina, in the Val Gardena (Grödental) A town at the foot of the mountains. A train. Intertitle: ‘Langkofel (3178 m.) north face, from St. Cristina.’ Lankofel, a mountain in South Tyrol, Italy. A sign at the foot of the mountain: ‘Nocera Umbra’. Intertitle: ‘Giovanni Demetz, Guida alpine St. Cristina.’ A man with rope coiled around his shoulders points into the distance. Mountains. Intertitle: ‘Grosse Cir, Adang Kaminn, Dibona Weg, - the traverse.’ Christine Reid climbing. Christine and Giovanni Demetz on a motorcycle. Intertitle: ‘Cinque Torre, via Olga, Giuseppe and Angelo Dimai.’ Giuseppe tying a rope around himself. Intertitle: ‘Boulder Practice – Angelo Dimai’. (Film changes to color) Angelo climbing. Intertitle: ‘Punta Fiammes, Campanile Dimai, Croda di Pomagnon, Monte Cristallo from chimney-top of Hotel Europa.’ Mountains near Cortina d’Amprezzo. [End of Reel]
Donor-supplied Notes
Reel II Scene II – Valley of St. Christina – Scene II – Langkofel Scene III – Guide – Giovanni Demetz showing route of Adang Kaminn Scene IV – 5th Degree Chimney – The traverse is very airy – 30 people have been killed. The first man is belayed by a piton – but the second man must release himself and if he falls he will swing down abo[u]t twenty feet and across face for forty feet, where you may hit another face a glancing blow. Camera stops at critical point to allow belaying of guide. Camera lady comes second. Scene V.- Motorcycles are used for travel. Scene VI – Via Olga Fake fall to show belay. Scene VII – Roping down two methods – Right – Dulfer Scene IX – Young guide below overhang of a new route. He is removing pitons so no other person can make this illegetimate route. Scene X – An illegetimate ascent by Angelo and Giuseppe Dima : - Most of the route is an overhang – see how first man belays second. Scene XI – Very Difficult piece of Rock Work – An overhang requiring use of ladder and pitons and karabiner – an illegitimate 6th degree grade climb. Use of double rope shown – this technique is similar to that used on the North Face of the Eiger, etc. Any difficult face (almost) can be climbed in this manner. Cost of average good climb 500-700 lire or ten dollars or more Average length of climbs 3-9 hours.
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