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16mm film; [300']; Silent; b&w
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[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 10
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1932 – 1935
Can Descriptions
New York 1932
Donor-supplied Notes
New York and West Point, 1932
Viewing Notes
A bridge. Sailing under bridges. New York City, filmed from the water. A pier with the sign ‘Great White Fleet, United Fruit Co.’ The Empire State Building filmed from the street. New York City, filmed from a skyscraper. Shots of the water, with tug boats and Liberty Island in the distance. The Statue of Liberty. A ferry boat docked at a pier. New York City seen from Liberty Island. Ships on the water. Panning up the Statue of Liberty. Trucks and horse drawn wagons on a New York City street. The city filmed from a skyscraper. Bridges. A ship on the water. Grant’s Tomb, Riverside Park. Railroad tracks and a pier on the water, a bridge in the distance. Shots of the bridge. A steam boat on the river. Shots of the river. People on the street in Times Square. Sign for the ‘ASTOR THEATRE GRAND HOTEL’. The Flatiron Building. New York City seen from the water. Bridges and tug boats. City skyline. Cliffs along the water. Men in uniformed lined up on a field, marching (United States Military Academy, West Point). [End of Reel]
Donor-supplied Notes
April, 1932 New York City Can#3 Approaching Hell Gate Bridge---under bridge with skyscrapers in the distance---Queensboro Bridge and waterfront along East River---mast going under bridge---Chrysler and Empire State Buildings (Radio City not yet built)---Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge---lower Manhattan---upper bay and Statue of Liberty---Battery and tip of Manhattan---Woolworth Building and lower Hudson skyline. Three views of the Empire State Building: from a bus twice, and from its base---complete panorama from the top: Public Library below, Central Park, Chrysler Building group, Queensboro Bridge and Long Island Sound in the distance, the Hudson looking towards the George Washington Bridge---Brooklyn Bridge area, Long Island rather hazy, East River---lower Manhattan in distance, and moving towards New Jersey. The harbor from the Battery, looking out towards the Statue of Liberty---the Statue from boat; from top showing the boat. View from the Woolworth Building of upper Manhattan and the Empire State Building, of lower Manhattan and the Upper Bay, swinging towards the Hudson---Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge-Hudson again with “Monarch of Bermuda” leaving---Upper Bay again with the “Monarch of Bermuda” close to the Statue of Liberty”. Grant’s Tomb---looking out upon Riverside Drive from its steps---view of distant George Washington Bridge from near Grant’s Tomb---the approaches on the New York side---the bridge and boats below---looking up and down the Hudson from it. Wall Street and the Stock Exchange. Times Square---5th Avenue near 48th Street. Woolworth Building group taken from the boat on leaving---Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges---lowers Manhattan buildings---Boston skyline 1937 addition The Palisades of the Hudson from Hudson River Day Line boat---the Hudson near the Bear Mountain bridge, visible in the background. The Cadets at drill on the Parade Grounds at West Point; front view showing the band; rear view from distance with chapel on hill in background---on parade and going back to the barracks---making a right angle corner in marching.
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