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1) 2654.0005-.0006_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
2) 2654.0005-.0006_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
3) 2654.0006_FS8
Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2654_0006-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Labrador, 1970s. Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 6
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1975 – 1976
Donor-supplied Notes
Telephone installation, Fall ‘75 Uncle Tom’s casket Cemetary Nov. fishing at Square Islands Aunt Mary Ann’s funeral Trench Blasting Mrs. Clegg Middle Pond, Sam, Leo Upper grades, Christmas party, ‘75 Lower grades, Christmas gifts Uncle Bobby’s casket Uncle Johnny’s casket Christmas party at clinic Dentist at work Chopper bring phone equipment Harvey Kippenhuck (PHS), broken leg Spruce partridge Sign up places on clinic Jessie Clark cleaning seal skin Camp at Gilbert’s Lake Norman’s Bay trail; Paul building Walt’s motorboat Fall 1975 to May 1976
Can Descriptions
Fall '75 - May '76
Viewing Notes
A man working on a telephone pole. The same man on a ladder working on a house to install a telephone line. People line up to unload a coffin from a float plane and carry it up the hill. They carry it into a building (the church?) The coffin is carried out again, covered in flowers. The coffin is carried down to the wharf and laid in a small boat. A man and a young child standing in the boat next to the coffin. The coffin on the ground, surrounded by people. A group of men carry the coffin to the graveside and lower it in. Cut to two people on a boat hauling in fishing nets. Two men on the dock pulling the fishing net out of the boat. Close up of one of the men pulling in a fishing net. A group of people carrying a different coffin, covered in flowers and plastic. The same group carries the coffin onto a boat. The boat, ‘Miss Charlottetown II’, pulls away from the dock. The ‘Miss Charlottetown II’ in the distance. Cut to two men digging a deep trench. A man using a jackhammer. A different man shoveling in the bottom the trench. Shot of a man using a backhoe. Two men shoveling. Scene of a man carrying a board past a slide, with a building in the background. The same scene without people. There is an explosion underneath the building. A group of people standing next to a helicopter. The helicopter taking off. Stacks of supplies next to a plane and snowmobiles viewed from different angles. A snowy airstrip as the plane takes off. Children playing musical chairs. The same children playing a game with blindfolds. A group of adults and children watch the games with a Christmas tree in the background. Children play a game of eating marshmallows without using their hands. Scenes of children being wrapped in paper. Children bobbing for apples. Boys try to put on nylons while blindfolded and wearing mittens. Other Christmas party games. A woman opens a wrapped gift. A man hands out presents from under the tree. Shots of children sitting around the room. A woman addresses the room. Children opening presents. A woman hands out gifts from beside the tree. Cut to snowmobiles coming over a hill. One snowmobile draws a coffin (Uncle Bobby’s casket) on a sled. The coffin being carried out of a building. A different casket is carried out of the same building and placed on a sled. (Uncle Johnny’s casket) People gather at the church door. Snowmobiles draw the coffin away. Cut to a close up of Christmas decorations hanging from a light fixture. A group of children. Shot of file cabinets and bottles of medicine. Shot of an empty bed. Presents under a Christmas tree. An armchair. Shot of a window and kitchen sink. Children opening presents. Children playing in the clinic. A dentist works on a girl’s teeth. Shots of the dentist’s tools. The dentist working. Cut to a helicopter lowering supplies (phone equipment), and then landing. People unloading supplies. A person is carried out of the clinic on a stretcher and loaded onto a plane. (Harvey Kippenhuck (PHS), broken leg) Shots of a spruce partridge on the ground. A snowmobile with a sled carrying a crate. Several shots of helicopters landing. An adult and a child walking through the snow. A man on a ladder hangs a sign saying ‘Charlottetown Clinic. 1975’. People sledding. Shot of a man (Jessie Clark) cleaning a seal skin on the floor. The seal skin is then hung from the outside wall of a building. Shots of a waterfall. Shots of a snowmobile driving a snowy trail. People working on building a boat. [End of Reel]
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