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1) 2654.0005-.0006_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
2) 2654.0005-.0006_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
3) 2654.0005_FS8
Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2654_0005-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Labrador, 1970s. Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 5
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Donor-supplied Notes
Pinsent’s Arm, winter ‘75 Ontario trip, March-April ‘75 Pastor unloading church lumber Sports Day Mrs. Mitchell enroute hospital Mountie & start of search for jack hammer Winter 1975 to June 1975
Viewing Notes
A snowmobile approaching a building. A snowmobile dragging a sled. Wide shot of snowmobiles and a plane landing on an icy airstrip. Children playing near the airstrip. Shots of the town and cove. Shots of snowmobiles and stacks of logs. An adult and a child arrive on a snowmobile and enter a house. Shot of the snowy yard. Interior shot of a school room. Children stare at the camera while the teacher plays a ukulele at the front of the room. A man chopping wood. Three children play around a snowmobile while adults watch from doorway. A man chopping wood while a child plays on the wood pile. People boarding a large airplane. People disembarking the same plane. People waiting for, and then boarding a train. Disembarking a yellow bus. The group at Niagara Falls. A trained seal performance. (Marineland?) A dolphin performing jumps. Feeding deer at a zoo/park. Another shot of the dolphin performance. Riding horses. A barn in the background reads ‘Sam Ecker’. Various shots of group members riding horses. Horseback riding down the road with a dog. Shot of three women being filmed at the entrance to a Sears store. Close up of the Sears sign. The group exiting a car in the Sears parking lot. People on a train. Shot of the tracks from the back of the train. Interior shot of the train. Various shots of the group members sleeping on the train. The group outside a building. The group walking down a road. Boarding a bus. Group outside airport, sign reads ‘Czechoslovak Airlines’. Panning up a tall building. The group arriving at St. Joseph’s Oratory (Montreal, Quebec). Exiting an airport and boarding a plane. Shot of a small plane viewed from the plane window. Shot from inside the cockpit. The group boarding a smaller plane. Several shots of people sleeping on the plane. Shot of snowy ground from the airplane window. Shot of the cockpit. Shot of buildings (Labrador) as the plane lands. Loading lumber onto a sled. Lumber stacked next to building. A man tying something to a sled. Snowmobile, shot from the sled it is dragging. Shot of a snowmobile approaching. Another shot from the sled. Shot of cliffs and ice from sled. A man stops to restart snowmobile. Several shots of buildings and a stream. People playing volleyball. Children playing on a merry-go-round. Men sawing lumber. Three men digging a ditch. Shot of a plane flying overhead. Shot of the plane flying over the cove, as seen from the top of a hill. Shot of the town from the top of a hill. A woman standing on top of a hill. Shot of the cove edged in ice. People running along the shore. Interior shot of the church. Two girls perform with recorders in front of the church. Singers and an accordion player performing. Singers and guitar players performing. Sign behind them reads ‘Pentecostal Academy’. Boy reads in front of the church. Children stand at front of the church and receive what appear to be certificates and Bibles from two women. Children sitting in the pews. Shots of dolls and other crafts. Shot of artwork on the wall. Cut to a woman (Mrs. Mitchell) being helped down the stairs by a crowd and carried to a boat. Boat leaves to meet a float plane. People launching a boat from the ice. Two boys play with a ball. A larger group of children play with the ball. Teens playing volleyball. A crowd of kids follow a man in an RCMP uniform. Float plane arriving. A crowd gathers on dock. [End of Reel]
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