4 Copies of This Film
1) 2654.0003-.0004_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
2) 2654.0003-.0004_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 2654.0003_FS8
Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2654_0003-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Labrador, 1970s. Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 3
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Donor-supplied Notes
Acrobatics on playground, winter ‘74 Packing for Arm; snowshoeing at Peter’s Brk. Trapline w/ Ben, April ‘74 Williams sawmill, SW Brk., clinic logs Boil up at Island Hbr.; Sunday School at Arm Dogs at Wms. Cove; Uncle John’s funeral Nellie F. arriving, May ‘74 Kids shoveling out mill to cut clinic logs Edm. On skidoo thru water Noels chopping wood; George making nets Bell Telephone chopper in trench Shuttle relay, May ‘74 Hop-step-jump on march; Uncle Tom at nets Cherie Lee coming home from hospital Kids clearing rocks at school Uncle John planning; shingling skidoo shed Hauling brush from school; Jemima; Jumble sale for clinic; report cards on last day of school Aunt Lena to hospital; Mrs. F. on seesaw Our laundry; families moving to Islands Wolf skin; huskies; hauling clinic lumber early in a.m., later to site Winter 1974 to June 1974
Viewing Notes
Multiple shots of people riding snowmobiles up a snow bank at a playground. A snowmobile crash. Pushing a stuck snowmobile. People driving snowmobiles while standing and doing tricks. A person falls off their snowmobile. More stunts. Women packing snowmobiles. Filling up the snowmobile gas tank. A man snowshoeing. People sitting on snowmobiles. Lacing up snowshoes. More snowshoeing. A man (Ben Powell) putting a dead rabbit in a bag. Ben setting traps. A man snowshoeing with a hatchet. Panning shot of snowshoe tracks. A person chopping wood. A person sitting by a campfire. Cutting food with the hatchet. Loading up the snowmobile. Digging in the snow. Men working at Williams sawmill, sawing logs. Men on snowmobiles leaving lumberyard. A woman chopping a tree with hatchet. Two people sitting on a sled. Close up of campfire. More shots of various people sitting on sleds and snowmobiles, eating. A line of children leaving Sunday school, showing their artwork to the camera. Children playing in the snow. Several close up shots of individual children. Individual shots of different dogs. Shot of houses. Uncle John’s coffin being carried out of a building. (Church?) Coffin is loaded onto a sled. Snowmobile drags sled. Crowd gathered around plane. Kids shoveling out mill to cut clinic logs. Two people sitting on log pile. Group of adults stand together, talking. Skipping a snowmobile over an open water patch. Noels chopping wood. Other children chopping wood. Woman and toddler standing on porch. A man ties nets by bracing against a door. Bell Telephone chopper in trench. Crowd gathered at church door. Line next to helicopter. Helicopter takeoff. People racing on foot. Children doing triple jump on road. Shots of river and bridge. Man checks nets along bridge. Float helicopter landing on the beach, seen from between two houses. People gather at helicopter. Kids clearing rocks at school. A man on a shed roof, nailing down tar paper, while another works below. People hauling brush from school. Woman and toddler walking. Piling up brush. Crowd looks through a long table covered in clothes. Children running out the door of a school building carrying report cards on last day of school. Little girl with a red and yellow pinwheel. Another shot of kids running down the school steps. Float plane taxiing on water. Boat arrives carrying oil drums. Two women help an elderly woman sit on a log on the beach, and then people help the same woman out of a boat and onto the float plane. Front shot of the plane. Shot of plane taking off. Group of children getting in a boat. Shot of a different plane taking off. Two women play on a seesaw made from a board and an oil drum while group of children watch. A woman (Mrs. F) on a seesaw. Laundry line blowing in the wind. Wide shot of houses with a plan landing on the water in the background. Shot of a group of children and adults in a boat. Shot of a different boat loaded with furniture as two boys cast off. Several different shots of both boats. A woman (Shirley ‘Shirl’ Fluitt?) holds up a wolf pelt. A helicopter landing, shot from several different angles. Helicopter taking off. Individual shots of different huskies. Two women moving boards. They drop it repeatedly. Several shots of boats hauling freight. More shots of people carrying lumber. Shot of houses with man walking down dock in foreground. Shot of the log shed. [End of Reel]
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