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1) 2791.0040_F16
16mm film; [425 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2791.0040-.0043_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 2791.0040-.0043_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2791_0040-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 40
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1965 – 1966
Can Descriptions
1965 + 1966 Reel 1
Viewing Notes
A boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV) on a slide. Children on a slide. Cut to the Stowe House (Harriet Beecher Stowe House) in Brunswick, ME. Road sign: ‘International Bridge.’ Bridge to Campobello Island. The Roosevelt Cottage at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Sign for the ‘Roosevelt Cottage.’ Cut to a living room decorated for Christmas. Lee IV with the Christmas tree. Close up of a baby in a cradle. (Laura?) Lee IV on a rocking horse. Cut to people riding on a Swan Boat in Boston. Cut to a man (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon III) closing a garage door. Sign: ‘Hancock Shaker Village, A Public Museum, Operated by Shaker Community Inc.’ Shots of buildings around the Hancock Shaker Village. Cows in a field. Landscape seen through a car window. Children sitting in the grass. Lee, Lee IV and Laura at a picnic. Close up of Lee IV and Laura. Road sign: ‘Massachusetts Turnpike 1 Mile.’ New York State Thruway toll booth. Sign: ‘Entering John Boyd Thacher State Park.’ Sign: ‘Green House Picnic Area, Yellow Rocks Picnic Area.’ Dark shot. Baby Laura playing on a blanket outside. The family at a picnic table. Close up of Laura. Sign: ‘Lake Erie State Park.’ Children on swings. Sign: ‘The Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You. Erie 3rd City in Pennsylvania. Sign: ‘Presque Isle State Park.’ Laura playing on a blanket outside. Lee IV in a park. Shot of a large ships off the coast. Sign: ‘Presque Isle State Park, Perry Monument, Commemorating Commodore Oliver H. Perry’s Victory in the Battle of Lake Erie, September 10, 1813.’ Lee and Lee IV next to the Perry Monument. Close up of the inscription on the Perry Monument. Shot of the road through a car windshield. Road sign: ‘Ohio Turnpike.’ Road sign: ‘Indiana Line 59 MI.’ Shot of a building (the Potawatomi Inn). Sign: ‘Pokagon State Park, Potawatomi Inn, Open All Year.’ Road sign: ‘Indiana Toll Road, Keep Right.’ Sign: ‘Governor Otto Kerner Welcomes You to Illinois.’ City skyline, including a sign for ‘Red Star Yeast.’ Shot of a Pabst Blue Ribbon water tower. Shots of various buildings. Billboard: ‘When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.’ Cut to road seen through a car window. Sign: ‘Minnesota Welcomes You. Land of 10,000 Lakes. Have Fun – Drive Safely.’ Shot of a 3M building. Lee, Lee IV and a woman walking up a path. Shot of factories, including General Mills. Sign: ‘Wisconsin Welcomes You.’ Laura sitting on a blanket outside. The Ambassador Bridge. Road sign: ‘Ontario Welcomes You.’ Lee IV on a playground. Various shots of the park. Blurry shot of Lee playing with Laura. Sign for ‘Quebec.’ Laura playing in the grass. Sign: ‘The Hammond Museum.’ Lee with Laura and Lee IV. Shot of a cathedral. Shot of the coastline. Laura on a blanket. Shot of Lee IV. The family on a picnic. [End of Reel]
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