4 Copies of This Film
1) 2791.0029_F16
16mm film; [325 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2791.0026-.0029_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 2791.0026-.0029_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2791_0029-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 29
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Can Descriptions
1960 Reel 1
Viewing Notes
Shot of the road filmed from a car window, with a sign for the Mass. Pike. Sign: ‘Entrance, Massachusetts Turnpike’. Road sign: ‘Welcome to New York State Thruway Berkshire Section’. Tollbooth for the New York State Thruway. Man with a puppy. Road sign: ‘Route 96 Rochester Exit 45 1 Mile’. Sign on a building, ‘Eastman Kodak Company’. Road sign: ‘Silver Creek Routes 5 – 20 West’. Sign: ‘Saint Columban’s Seminary’. Shot of the seminary, Silver Creek, New York. Sign: ‘Columban Sisters Silver Creek, N.Y.’ Nuns. Road sign: ‘Penna Line 30 Miles.’ Sign: ‘Welcome to Pennsylvania for Safety Respect Our Speed Limits, Cars 50, Trucks 40, Unless Otherwise Posted.’ Street corner with a sign ‘Ohio Turnpike 58 MI. Road sign: ‘Cleveland 55.’ Shot of the beach, with a sign: ‘No Fishing After 10 P.M. No Dogs.’ Sign: ‘State of Ohio Department of Highways’. People having a picnic at a roadside park. Sign: ‘Visit the home of James A. Garfield’. Sign: ‘Lawnfield, Home of President James A. Garfield, Entrance’. A log cabin. A large house. Group of people sitting on the grass. Sign: ‘Home of the Cleveland Browns’. A policeman on horseback. Children playing in the yard. A picnic. Road signs. A sign: ‘Detroit Union Produce Terminal’. Sign: ‘Welcome to Dearborn, Home of Greenfield Village, Speed 25 Miles, Unless Otherwise Posted, 135,000 Population. Sign: ‘Rotunda Proving Grounds, Test Underpass, 30% Grade Up, 16% Grade Down’. Sign: ‘Ford Rotunda Presents, Summer Festival, Featuring…A Salute to Hawaii’. Sign: ‘Lincoln-Mercury, Division of Ford Motor Company’. The Ford Rotunda building. Panning shot of a road. Sign: ‘Henry Ford Museum Greenfield Village’. The Ford building. Sign: ‘Greenfield Village’. A wrought iron arch with the words: ‘Greenfield Village The Edison Institute, October 21, 1929’. People in a horse drawn wagon at Greenfield Village. A white house, the ‘Henry Ford Birthplace’. A large brick building with the sign ‘Wright Cycle Co.’ Shots of various buildings. Sign: ‘The Dearborn Inn’. A man delivering mail. A donkey. Sign: ‘Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, Private’. Panning shot of a marina. Sign: ‘Metropolitan Beach’, (Michigan). Shot of people on the beach. People playing shuffleboard. Sign: ‘Turtle Race Track, Races 3:15 Daily.’ A playground. Sign: ‘Tables Chairs Reserved For Tots Only’. Children playing. Turtles. Panning shot of the outside of a church. Dark shot of the inside of the church. Road sign: ‘Mackinac Bridge, 100 Miles’. Road sign: ‘45th Parallel Halfway Between Equator & Northpole’. Sign: Mackinac Bridge’. Sign: ‘Ferries to Mackinac Island’. A man buying tickets under a sign: ‘Mackinac Island Ferry Co. Tickets’. Shots of the ferry. The Grand Hotel and shoreline on Mackinac Island. Yachts on the shore. Horse drawn carriages. A graveyard. A carriage on a dirt road. Fort Holmes on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Sign: ‘Skull Cave’. A stone arch. Sign: ‘Historic Old Fort Mackinac, Oldest Fort in the Midwest.’ Path lined with flags. People buying tickets for the fort. Panning shot of the coastline. Sign: ‘Fort Mackinac Tea Room’. Sign: ‘Early Missionary Bark Chapel’. A white house with the sign ‘Beaumont Memorial’. A building with the sign: ‘Agency House Museum, John Jacob Astor’s, Original American Fur Co. Post Open for Inspection’. Shots of the gardens at the Grand Hotel. People walking up the stairs to the hotel. Sign: ‘Catholic Shrine’. An outdoor mass. A 55ft redwood cross. Sign: ‘Holy Stairs, Granite Steps for Those Who Wish to Go to the Cross on Their Knees.’ Sign: ‘Christ on the Cross, by Marshall M. Freder, Sculptor © 1959’. Road sign: ‘Lansing, Big Rapids’. Road sign: ‘Alma 19, St. Louis 20, Lansing 70.’ Sign: ‘Lansing Service Clubs, Olds Hotel’. [End of Reel]
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