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1) 1584.0003_F8
8 mm film; [50']; Silent; Color
2) 1584.0001-1584.0018_INSP3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
3) 1584.0001-1584.0018_VHS
VHS; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1584_0003-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
5) nhf-1584_0003-CLIR - 1584 Doughty-H.264 tech.mov
[Estella Doughty--home movies] Reel 3
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Can Descriptions
Box notes: 'Chuck, Dee Dee, Teedie, Auntie and Earl at Alna, Shaw St. Strawberries at Julia's'
Viewing Notes
A woman (Dee) riding a horse bareback. A car backs up and drives away. Dee on the horse. A man (Floyd Raven Sr.) with a stick moves a porcupine out of the road. A white house (Estella’s house in Bath). Several children come out of the house and walk down the driveway. Clothesline and backyard of the house. A man putting oil in a car. Two women walk around the outside of the house. Cut to a man and a woman with guitars hooked into an amp playing outdoors while some kids listen. A man (Harold) walks out of his house in a uniform carrying a lunch pail. He holds up the lunchbox for the camera and “Doughty” is stenciled on the outside. He gets into a car and drives away. Cut to kids sliding on a Slip and Slide outside in a yard. Cut to Swan's Island. A man and woman (Julia and Earl Bryant) by the water’s edge. Earl walks on some boards over the water. Cut to the Raven farm. People are weighing strawberries and packing them up to sell in Boston. [End of Reel]
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Notes from viewing with family (mostly Julia Raven, with some input from Mark and Dee): Dee Dee on a pony (Mountain Fire) at the farm that Julia and her family lived on. [Dee says that she always rode bare back and the first time she tried to ride with a saddle she fell off] Julia’s husband, Floyd, moving a porcupine out of the road. Her mother ‘s (Estella Doughty) place – nieces and nephews getting ready for Sunday School. Brother putting oil in the car. Harold w/ his lunchbox heading off to work. Aunt Julia and Uncle Earl Bryant at Swan’s Island. Earl used to go out to the island to take care of the animals. [Julia was Estella's sister] Selling strawberries and packing them up to send to Boston.
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