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1) 1231.0001_F8
8 mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) nhf-1231_0001-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
0:31:17.56; Silent
Alaska Trip, 1963--Mary Anna Fox. Reel 1
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Viewing Notes
Opening title: “The Church in Alaska” with a map of Alaska. Closer shot of the map along the coast (soft focus and hard to read). Shot of sun shining through the clouds and dark shots of mountains and landscape from an airplane. Three children, a girl with a bike, shot of Baptist Mission Church in Ft. Yukon. Shots and pan of buildings around Ft. Yukon, Alaska. Solomon’s General store. US Fish and Wildlife service building, Post office buildings. People gathered around stairs. Bible school. Adults and children playing a game. Man working on the wing of a small airplane. Plane has a symbol on it: a red shield with a white cross and a blue box labeled “The Blue Box.” Plane taxing and taking off. Woman in front of a lodge. Children and a few adults throwing a ball around a circle. Sunset. Other bible school teachers? Children posing with a couple women (teachers). Shot from window of airplane as it takes off from the Fort Yukon Alaska Municipal Airport. Ground as the plane takes off. Shots from the plane. Landscape and mountains. A bridge. Shots of landscape and road from a moving car. St. Timothy’s church in Tanacross, AK., pan of landscape. Dark shot of a waterwheel. Land across some water (Point Hope?). More shots from airplane of cliffs along the coast. Land in Kotzebue? People greet the plane. Native children. Two girls posing by whale bones, same two girls on the beach. Close up of a girl, a dog. Young girl with puppies. Dead seals. Back on the plane. Episcopal church. Man and woman in fur coats. Mary poses with Alaskan Highway sign, mile 1523 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Street scene. Landscape. Shots of a river (Tanana River) from boat. People on boat. Hunting camps. Family with baby and dog in front of house. Church. CU of a plaque for the “unfortified boundary line between the dominion of Canada and the United States of America.” “Entering Yukon Territory” sign. Flowers, Alaskon [sic] Border Lodge. Mountains shot from the moving car. Horses on the road. Mountains and lake. Whitehorse, Yukon. Yukon Historical Society Macbride Museum. Train station. Landscape and buildings from train. Carcross, Yukon. Matthew Watson General store. More shots from train. Lake Bennet. “Trail 98” sign. Shots of train bridges and scenery as the train goes through the mountains. Dead Horse gulch. Men in a truck. Skagway. Icebergs. Wrangell totem park. Harbor. More totem poles. Coast shot from boat. Vancouver skyline from boat. Wharf. Vancouver airport shot from the plane as it takes off. More footage from plane. Plane lands. [End of Reel]
Donor-supplied Notes
Travel enroute to Alaska “and in Alaska in 1963. I was teaching Vacation Bible School in Fort Yukon. Then traveled to Tanacross, Pt. Hope, and Kotzebue. Also taught in Fairbanks. I took a bus from Fairbanks on the Alaskan Highway to Whitehorse, in the Yukon of Canada. Then went on a narrow guage railway by Carcross, Lake Bennet, Dead Horse gulch, to Skagway. It was the route the prospectors took in 1898. Next I took a boat which passed Juneau, Wrangell (Shake Island where the totem poles of the Tlingit Indians are) and Vancouver.”
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