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8 mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) nhf-2300_0001-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
Honeymoon in Florida and Cuba, 1963--Jacqueline Clancy--home movies. Reel 1
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Can Descriptions
Honeymoon - Nov. 1959
Viewing Notes
University of Miami at Coral Gables sign. Hospital. Campus buildings. Street shot from a moving car. Women window shopping. Ocean. Jacqueline swimming. “Fairchild Tropical Garden” sign. Tropical flowers and plants. Jacqueline swimming in the ocean. Pan of the beach and palm trees. Husband swimming. Men fishing off a bridge. “Key Biscayne Crandon Park Virginia Beach Sea Aquarium” (5:16). Rotating fake shark display. Pan of park. Jacqueline in the water. Husband in the pool, jumping off the diving board and swimming. Pan of hotel (Eden hotel). Parrot Jungle sign. Pan of the park. Jacqueline in front of flowering bushes. Parrots in cages and enclosures. Ducks, heron, geese, and other birds. Parrot show – birds doing tricks and performing. A monkey in a cage. Flamingos. Jacqueline walking in garden, husband doing the same. Jacqueline with several parrots on her arms and head. Husband with parrots on him. A woman holding a baby covered in parrots. More people pose with parrots. Boat on the ocean. Woman (Jacqueline?) sun bathing (15:00). “Otis Motel” sign. Jacqueline on the beach feeding seagulls. Ocean. Jacqueline playing in the waves. Husband in the waves. Beach and playing in the water. Jacqueline in the pool. Husband in the pool. Horse track, horse races. Long bridge (to the Keys?). Sign? (22:03) Shots from the bridge while driving. Airport. Footage from plane window while taking off and flying and landing. People disembarking plane. The Trust Company of Cuba. Buildings. Husband and another woman. Jacqueline and husband with friends. Man pushing a cart down the road. Sign (25:35) Road sign. Airport in Havana. Taking off and flying. [End of Reel]
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