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8 mm film; [50 ft.]; Silent; Color
[Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 27
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1951 – 1952
Reel 27 color. Picnic table at Hapgood Lake. White woman with sweater around her shoulders behind a picnic basket. Black woman with drink. Three people walk by lake, seen from above. Pan of fall colors. Car at house, seen from behind small trees. People walk onto porch. Woman in white uniform follows man into house behind screen door. Lawn chairs out arranged for picnic. People passing food, seen from a distance. Man ECU in town. Underexposed sequence. Train station, train pulls out. US Mail Stand on train platform. "New York Central" sign on train. African American woman on train platform walks to camera. Train arriving. Train departs, with steam from engine at head of train. In snow, barn building, relatively long shot until reel runs out. Train information via Manchester Historical Society FB Group, Nancy Skea Severance and Bill Badger: "The first sequence is of train #65, the northbound Green Mountain Flyer powered on that day by Rutland K-1 pacific (4-6-2) #80. The parting sequence is #64, the southbound [Green Mountain] Flyer which appears to be powered by a Boston and Maine Railroad pacific. The Rutland and B&M had a power sharing arrangement between Troy, NY, and Rutland so either lines' engines could be seen on through passenger trains. The last car on the southbound train was an ancient wooden Rutland baggage car used for express service. Sort of a rag-tag end for an otherwise nice train."
Can Descriptions
Reel 27 box note: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. January 17, 1952. Mrs. Blackwell. Claudia. Rose. Wallace & Dogs. Mary. Harrie Ha?alls Mary. Chas & Flora. New House. Chaufers (?) & Roman Gonzela? Date code 1951.
Cataloger note: Clyde Blackwell was the Equinox House doorman, he was African American. From the Bennington Banner newspaper, 1956, "Mrs. Clyde Blackwell has returned from Statesville, S. C., and plans to remain in Manchester during the summer. She was accompanied by some of her family. She and her husband went south last fall to spend the winter where Clyde, long-time doorman at the Equinox House, passed away a few weeks ago." Note, the town is likely Statesville, North Carolina, as there is not a Statesville in S.C.
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