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16mm film; [275 ft.]; Silent; Color
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16mm film; Unknown
3) nhf-2747_0027-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
India, 1952--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 24
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Credit: Dorothoy, Chester, and Rajendra Prasad, India's first President, 1952 at the United States Embassy
Can Descriptions
1952 - India Embassy reception - Nehru, movie stars, students, Pres. Rajendra Prasad, Nehru and sister (Vijayalakshmi Pandit) Lodhi Park (behind our house) Our house - 17 Ratendon Rd., street in front Margaret and Ed Logue Tonga (horse-drawn taxi) Connaught Circle (main New Delhi shopping district) Ambassadors and wives from Yugoslavia and Indonesia Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Chet Delhi Public School Olympics Sally and Sam Holi festival
Viewing Notes
Embassy reception: Unfocused shot of Nehru and Chet greeting guests. LS of guests milling around outside the United States Embassy on the lawn. US flag on top of the building. Marching band playing the bagpipes and drums. LS of crowd with the embassy in the background. Dorothy and Chet greeting people in a reception line. Pan of guests. The reception line. President Rajendra Prasad and Chet talking and greeting people. Dorothy joins them. They pose for photos. Dorothy, Chet, and Nehru pose for photos. Prasad, Nehru, Vijayalakshmi Pandit (Nehru’s sister), some movie stars, Chet, and Dorothy, all sit in chairs and talk. They are surrounded by guests. Lodhi Park: Flowering trees and buildings in the park. The street out front of the Bowles’s house. Chet and a man and women (Margaret and Ed Logue) play with dogs in the backyard. Shot of a Tonga (hose-drawn taxi). A man pushing a board advertising a movie at the “Plaza”. Chet and others in the backyard with a monkey. The monkey climbs on Sally. Chet entertaining and talking with men and women in the backyard (ambassadors and wives from Yugoslavia and Indonesia). Dark footage of Chet walking with Eleanor Roosevelt in the backyard. Delhi Public School Olympics. Indian boys and girls in uniform running. A girl crosses the finish line and collapses. People carry her off the track. A bike race around the track. Sam race walking, then receiving 1st place award. Girls, including Sally, on the award dais. Dark footage of Dorothy and Indian men and women covered in Holi powder.
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