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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0034-.0036_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 036 (F6)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 36 (F6): [can/reel notes available; dc 1953] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 36. 31:43. Sailboat skims over water surface. Clouds against horizon. 32:06. Continuation of aforescribed. 32:12. Two-sailed boat skims over water surface. Boy sits on side of boat with other boy behind him. Other sailboat turns. Boy holds ropes. 32:49. Two boys paddle canoe. Boy standing on platform diving board. Three canoes and boy paddlers. Swimmer stands on platform as canoe is rowed by. 33:03. Blonde boy stands at end of platform. He places hand on his head. Canoe laden with boy-rowers passes by platform. Boy with oar on platform. 33:24. Boys row canoe. Evergreen-treed mountain side. Several canoes rowed on lake surface. Inverted canoe on lake surface. Unmanned sailboat. Boys grasp, climb upon inverted canoe. Boys standing on platform. One places his hands over his head. Water surface is in motion. 34:00. Boy lies on platform as others stand. Boy dives into water. He swims as boy watches him while standing on wharf or platform post. 34:24. (Shadowy shot.) Boy chops at tree. He continues to wield axe. 34:46. Water surface with varied watercraft thereon. Shoreline buildings. Left-tracking pan. of area. Extension of watercraft and shoreline buildings. 35:05. Left-tracking pan. of area continues. More watercraft and buildings along shoreline. Crew on deck of ship. Bare-masted ship. 35:18. Schooner, three-sailed ship. Horizon with clouds. Boy beside ship's steering wheel. (This reel is in color.) He turns the wheel. 35:28. Boy swimmers assembled on platform. Swimmer on end of diving board prepares to jump. He does so, splashing into water. Another boy dives from board. Boy dives from ship. Swimmers in water. Another boy dives from ship. Another boy from same location. Next one hesitates a bit and sits in water rather than slicing into it. 36:05. Two boys talk as sit on rigging, sail-beams. One looks behind him. Grasping ropes, both boys stand. 36:33. Boy dives from ship. He swims. 36:36. Bare-masted ship. Right-tracking pan. includes another bare-masted ship and copious trees of shoreline. Crew on deck of ship. 36:59. Man turns ship's steering wheel. Boys on deck. Boy wearing captain's hat turns ship's steering wheel. Boy throws water on ship's deck as buddy swabs deck with long-handled brush. Water or bilge emanates from lower part of ship. 37:18. Boy continues swabbing deck. Buddy continues dousing deck with pail of water. 37:29. Young man lies in small boat on his stomach. He smiles as this boat is attached to a larger one which hauls it over the water. He sticks his tongue out, makes a face, flaps hands back and forth. 37:36. Boy stands at ship's steering wheel and turns it. 37:41. Sailboat with sail unfurled. 37:46. Young man swabs or mops box, appurtenance attached to side of ship's deck. Water surface in motion. 37:49. Young men playing checkers. 37:52. Ship's deck. Masts. Rigging. 38:03. Man wearing dark glasses mans wheel of ship. He wears captain's hat. 38:11. Boys in swimming trunks on roof of building which is just being built. They are participating on this work in progress. They walk on roof. One takes item and goes to end of roof. Young man pounds nail into roof. 38:34. Two canoes on lake surface. Young men with individual oars row canoes forward. Two boys row in canoe which is submerged under the water. They row along with only bow above water. 38:52. Two boys paddling submerged canoe. 39:03. Canoe is rowed backwards. Water surface. Boy stands on wharf. Several canoes with their boy rowers. Group on wharf. 39:35. Shadowy shot of young man running down wharf. He dives into the water. 39:43. Two sailboats skim over water. Adjacent mountain side. Horizon. Rowboat at right. 40:05. Two sailboats side by side. Lone sailboat. Young man sits at side. Closer view of same. Sails in motion the boat moves forward. 40:43. Aforescribed sailboat moors at wharf. Other sailboat, manned by younger men comes into view. Boy in stern adjusts sail. 40:50. Sailboat on water with copious shoreline trees in background. Building. 41:02. Sails flap in wind as boat moves on water. 41:08. Boy with long stick stands on end of wharf. He steps into canoe. Two canoes manned by crew of boys are paddled over water. Entire crews dive into water allowing canoes to capsize. They swim. 41:32. Meal is served out-of-doors. Man ladles soup as boys walk by with tin cups. Shadowy shot. Man has meat in pan. 42:02. Meat on barbecue spit. Looks to be poultry. 42:08. Cabin exteriors. Roofs prominent. 42:14. Man walks by railroad track. Other people nearby. Train arrives. Passengers dismount. Passengers primarily boys. Photography a little shadowy. Boys carry luggage to pickup truck. They stand in bed of truck. Woman walks by. 43:07. Boys wave as truck motors down path. Boys dismount. Carrying luggage, the group walks forward. 43:42. Large group of boys in swimming. Boys on wharf. 44:10. They continue swim. 44:16. Group of boys in wood. They are sitting on steps of cabin. Very thin boy at top. He and buddy are eating. Thin boy sticks tongue out. Boy at bottom step makes finger motions. 45:01. Boys hold, try to manipulate large cloth item. Looks to be a tent. Boy unpacks his duffel bag. 45:18. Two boys applying axe to lumber; one to felled tree trunk, the other to smaller section of wood. 45:39. Boy uses jackknife to divide small squares, could be meat. 45:44. Group of boys assembled outside. Leader stands before group. 46:28. Boy places luggage on raised platform. Same boy takes another's duffel bag. Repeats same. Boy with raised arms puts item in place. Pickup truck motors along with inverted canoes in bed. 47:03. Three boys slightly crouched over. 47:14. Boy peels, slices potato. Just potato and hands visible. He continues to peel and section potato. 47:32. Man carrying pile of kindling wood, throws a few sticks on camp fire. Rocky terrain. He throws whole pile on flames. 47:46. Group of boys smiling, talking. Boy behind places hand over buddy's mouth. Group of boys at side. Silhouette of boy spreading arms. 48:09. Group of boys sitting on steps. They are at exterior of tent.(End of Reel 36.)
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