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1) 2167.0009_F8
Film; 8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2167.0006-.0009_BSP
BetaCam; 52:24; Silent; b&w and color
3) 2167.0006-.0009_DVD
DVD; 51:24; Silent; b&w and color
Patsy 12 to 18 months--King Family--home movies. Reel 9
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1940 – 1941

Credit: King Family Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Can Descriptions
On can: "1940-41 Patsy 1 Year to 1 1/2."
Viewing Notes
Title: "Christmas 1940" color. Decorating tree with tinsel and ornament on top. Presents underneath Dog. Patsy crawls across room. Patsy gets stocking, pulls out toys. Patsy outdoors on lawn. Red tricycle. Mother on basement bulkhead with cup and Patsy. Father in tweed suit with Patsy. Duck in cage, Patsy in front. Mother in hat with Patsy. Feeding baby, light. On a seesaw. Baby on wooden horse outside, she wears furry white hat. Father with baby in a crate on sled. Pulling sled along grass with two children. Mother runs pulling sled. Father runs and pulls sled. Ice on trees, mother pushes pram. Title: “14 months” Baby in sun outdoors. Walks indoors and falls. She stands near red wood train. Shelf with toys. “16 Months” Baby in her room, waving her hands, holding toy. She walks easily around room. Outside in red snowsuit with red knit hat, pushes stroller. Spring, outdoors. She carries a small red chair. Walking down steps holding adult’s hand. Sits on little red chair after numerous attempts. Then jumps up. Dog in background. Elderly woman holds her. Patsy moves chair around. “18 Months” View of landscape from top of a hill. Patsy on hilltop, out of focus. Back of older woman and Patsy and pan of view. Parking lot with rocks around it, Patsy walks with stick. Could be Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park? Water and land.
Color home movies of Patsy King's second year, beginning with Christmas 1940, compiled with black-and-white intertitles.
Christmas, Children
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