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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1714.0005_INSP3/4
3) 1714.0005_DVD
[James F. Butler--home movies] Reel 5
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1928 – 1933
Can Descriptions
Can label: 'Choate, Hockey, Destroyers.' // 1928, 1929, 1933 edge codes on film. // 1929, The Choate School: Pomfret Hockey Game, John Booth, Walter Kelly, Bud Sherwood, Zeke Speer. Wellingford, CT. 1930, Various views: John Gurney, Marcell Peck, Hugh Boyd, Deke Bowen, Hugh Griest, Harrie Hart, Gamble Woodward. 1934, Fleet at New York. (Notes provided by donor: Large Navy ships, White Fleet going through the Narrows, New York City, Hudson River.) (Notes provided by donor: Old family scenes taken at 'Balmoral', Highmount, NY. John Munro's farm 1920's. My grandfather, who came over from Scotland and was in shipbuilding; Brooklyn, NY.) // Footage includes: ice hockey game; close shot of goalie; shots of men walking on ice toward the camera; winter exterior shot of buildings (looks like a school/university campus); car driving off in the snow; ice hockey; two men in winter coats walking toward camera; exterior shot of campus buildings; football field (?) with black dog in the distance; campus landscape shots; man in winter coat and hat walking toward camera, lifts hat to camera; more shots of campus buildings; ice hockey; wrestling (indoor shot with poor lighting); winter outdoor scene; Navy ships coming into harbor, crowd of people on the beach watching.
Amateur films, Hockey, Ships
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