3 Copies of This Film
1) 2419.0053_F16
Film; 16mm film; [500 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2419.0050-.0051,.0053_DVD
DVD; 59:53; Silent; b&w and color
3) 2419.0050-.0051,.0053_BSP
BetaCamSP; 1:00:53; Silent; b&w and color
Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 53
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1938 – 1942
Viewing Notes
Reel 53: "Entrance to Lodge 1938 Located in Ellisville, Mass." No Trespassing sign. Mailbox on post Murray Sandler name on mail box. View of house. View of dune. Man with rifle on lawn. Underexposed views of people playing, dancing in a circle with finger up. Being silly for the camera including doing a kick line. Intertitle: "Mr. and Mrs. Karpoff going to the World's Fair Memorial Day week-end 1939." At train station, couple on street. Car approaches camera. Ocean. View of Ellisville house from above. Beach. Yard. Beach umbrella. Man with rifle. in various situations. Woman on deck. Blurry interior, very brief shots. Couple climbs stairs, more people coming from beach. Man jokes with his shirt off. Reviewing stand and person on horse, Horse jumping (overexposed). Horses in a line with saddles off; people have their numbers on. Harness racing. More equestrian events. Blurry interior mother and baby by window. On board a vessel, man in hat walks to camera, silhouetted against shore. "Boston" sign on boat. Back to equestrian footage. Elm tree in field. Views of people and their horses. Some deterioration. Dirt. Baby under blanket. Man with baby in mirror. Baby on bassinet. Child on pony by large shingled house. Man in jodhpurs leads horse; very contrasty. Cantering around house, too dark. Interior of Stratton Finance Co. office. People at Ellisville house seated around table outdoors. Waving to camera. Someone in water on a horse from a long distance. Horse comes out of water and canters down beach. Another view of horse, dressed man (plaid shirt) and dog on beach. Intertitle: "Wedding Ceremonies Brother Bill Sandler Taken at the Southern House March 1941" Too dark, inside. Under huppah? Man and woman walk, have rice thrown at them? He carries a box. People with animals (horse, goat, small goat, dog). Waving to camera. Horses in stall (dark). Intertitle: "Inside the stable Seacliff Lodge Pictures taken in August 1941" Too dark images of baby, signs on stalls, signage in barn. Views outside, animals, people, barn. Overexposed, too much camera motion. Intertitle: "Louis Zimbel and Murray Sandler going to Florida in February 1941" At the train, "Atlantic coast line" sign on train, much waving at camera. Dancing outdoors. Intertitle: "Murray Sandler and Louis Zimbel in Florida" More waving at camera. Men skip down sidewalk, accompanied by African American man playing the guitar. Another man carries bag. At the beach, shirtless men are serenaded at table. Man in water. Man does exercises on the beach. Man in chair drinks from straw. Black musicians at beach, including banjo. Various people dance. Men on boat shake hands.
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