4 Copies of This Film
1) 1695.0009a_FS8
Film; Super8 film; [225 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1695.0009A, .0009B, .0010_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) nhf-1695_0009A_0009B_0010 Joanne Swift 18fps-nhf-1695 Joanne Swift.mov
4) nhf-1695_0009a-Uncompressed SD to HD uprez.mov
[Joanne Swift--home movies] Reel 9A
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1969 – 1971
Viewing Notes
Two women, a group of children, and a dog playing next to a decorated Christmas tree. A toddler hands a camera to a man. The toddler sitting at a piano. Children and the dog playing in the snow. A man and child playing basketball. A flock of birds. Eggs in a bird’s nest on the ground. Children holding a juvenile seagull. Shot of the dog. A sailing ship. Seagulls perched on rocks by the ocean. People on the beach. Seagulls in flight. Juvenile birds (seagulls?) in a hole in the ground. A man drinking beer while steering a motorboat. People on the boat. Two girls playing outside with a dog. A girl running through a sprinkler. A boy seated on the steps next to the dog. A man mowing the lawn, followed by a child with a toy lawn mower. A girl playing with the dog. A man, a girl and a dog playing in the water. A man and two girls swimming. People on the beach. A man skipping stones. People and the dog on the shore. A woman and a girl dragging a rowboat into the water. A girl swimming. Children and the dog seated at the back of a motorboat. The motorboat near the shore. A lighthouse on an island. People walking on the beach. People playing in the water. The lighthouse. A tree in the water, with bird’s nests. [End of Reel]
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