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Film; 8 mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w and color
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VHS; Silent; b&w and color
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DVD; Silent; b&w, Color
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Children, swimming, ice skating, Bucksport fire, 1940-1946--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 7
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1940 – 1946
Donor-supplied Notes
Reel #1: 1942, Cape Elizabeth ME after a hurricane (1941?). Sue, Jo on rocks. Lighthouse - Cape Elizabeth. Backyard - Kittredge Road, South Portland. Sue Jo. Eddie & Marie Tangway & Jane Tangway. Donnie Woodson. Reel #2: 1942, Old cars. Ships in harbor (Portland). Fall leaves. Portland Harbor - ships. Rowboat - George Martens. Sue Jo. Public beach, South Portland. Sandra & George Martens. Rubye [note: Ruby frequently appears as 'Rubye' in notes], Rusty, Bos'n (dog), Sonny. Buzz, Sue Jo, Sandra, Sue Jo, Buzz in rowboat. Josiah T. Taylor chopping tree. Boat house - South Portland. Picnic. Sonny & Buzz. Sue Jo and dog. Nanna and Bampa. Rusty and Sonny. Picnic on beach, hot dogs, beans and coffee. Sandra, Nanna and Bampa. Turtle in box (rescued after storm - S. Portland). Reel #3: Skating, S. Portland, driveway, Archie & Amelia San Romani, Sue and Jo, George Bradstreet. Bos'n - dog. Rubye & twins skating. Snow - neighborhood. Reel #4: Buzz and Sandra (baby). Sue and Jo. Penobscot Terrace, Brewer, ME. Rusty, Buzz and Sandra Martens. Ruby, Sandra, Rusty, Sue, Jo, Buzz. Sandra in playpen. Bampa, Jo, Sue, Buzz playing ring-a-round-a-rosie. Graham McKean - going to war - RCAF. Boin. Jo & Sue, WAC uniforms. Dogs playing. Maley's house. Christmas wreath on door. Jo and Sue. Carriages. Donnie [?], Jo and Sue. Freddie Hall's boat. Rusty, Freddy, Rubye. Addie Manser[?]. Dude [?] cruise. Boats at Castine. State of Maine MM. Bucksport pier fire. Fire boat. Our house (Taylor), Mechanic Street. George Jewett's house. Reel #5: 1940s, Ailwife fishing - Orland fish run. Jo and Sue. Rainboy. Bos'n - South Portland. Ship under rainbow. Penobscot River. Sue, Buzz, Jo - top of Mt. Cadella [Cadillac?]. Sand Beach. Raft at Sandy Point. Copper coal shute - slide. Ruby. Boat house - 'Hoodoo' inside. Sue, Jo down slide. Reel #6: 1940s, Skating at Penobscot Terrace, Brewer Maine. Sandra Martens, McDunnah Baker on sled pulled by George Martens. Rubye Taylor shoveling. Sue, Jo, Buzz. Bos'n, Jerry. Rubye's camp. Mt. Kineo. Moosehead Lake fishing trip. Jeep, old cars. Mt. Kineo. Elly Jewett by car. Ellen and George Jewett.
Viewing Notes
B&W. Outdoor shot: LS two men on rocky beach with crashing waves, waves crashing in. Jo and Sue watching the waves. Lighthouse (Cape Elizabeth). The twins dancing around in backyard while other children watch. Two children pick up the twins piggyback and run around the yard, Children crawl around, twin rides on boys back, girls ride on boys. Color: Cars in parking by the ocean. View down road with changing leaves. Shot of a field. Ships in harbor (big ships…military?). Jo, Sue, and a boy (Buzz) in rowboat with man, they come up on shore. Two women and a man on the beach with Bos'n (dog). Shot of kids and adults on beach. Twins and Buzz in the rowboat. Man chopping tree. Bos'n with driftwood in his mouth. Pan of beach with people. A man whittling with a boy. Twins and Bos'n by water. Everyone around campfire with hotdogs. Shot of fire, coffee and beans. Jo and Sue with hotdogs. People sitting around fire eating. Out of focus CU of crab. Turtle on beach and in grass (out of focus) B&W: Kids ice skating in driveway. Jo and Sue ice skating. Bos'n in the snow, Rubye and twins ice skating. Pan of neighborhood covered with snow. Shots of neighborhood. Twins play in the snow. Color: Twins, Buzz and baby (Sandra) all sitting in front of camera, Sandra walking alone, walking with twins. Woman, Buzz and Sandra, Sandra crawling. Two women and children walk to camera. Bos'n in yard. Sandra in crib. Older man (Bampa) with Bos'n, twins, and Buzz - walk, play ring around the rosie. Young man in an Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) uniform. Bos'n in the yard. Jo and Sue in uniforms (Women's Army Corps). Bos'n and another dog play in the yard. Front of house. Cut to CU of door. Twins with baby buggies. Doll in buggy. Kids walk in a line. Twins in coats with muffs. People on a boat. One of the twins; shot of the river; pan around boat; shots of sailboats, a big ship, and various other boats. Big fire on Bucksport pier. Boat comes to pier. Shot of house, pan to other houses and down the street. Fish in river. Kids reach in and pull fish out. Shots of some fish in water and trap? Dark inside shot of Jo or Sue and Bos'n. One of the twins and Bos'n by water. Rainbow over the river. Boat in water. Twins and Buzz on Cadillac Mountain, pan around scenery. Beach. Kids in the water. Raft with a built on slide in the water. Rubye walks down the beach and sits. Twins on slide raft with Bos'n and Rubye. Pan of beach. Long shot of Jo and Sue on the slide. Shot of Jo going down slide backwards from the top of the slide. B&W: People ice skating. A man on ice skates pulls girl on a sled. Woman sweeps ice and shovels. Playing on the ice. Bos'n in the snow. More skating scenes. Bos'n and a Jack Russell play on the ice. CU zoom into words on towel “Ruby’s camp.” Pan across parked cars. Pan through trees of lake (Moosehead Lake). Woman and man by a car.
Compiled reel of black-and-white and color home movies including beach and camping scenes; Rubye, Jo, and Sue ice skating on the frozen driveway; and a pier fire in Bucksport.
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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