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16mm film; [375 ft.]; Silent; Color
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3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
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March 3 2019 at 19:15:10
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 79
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 79:00:05. Three women and man in park. Woman on right has small paper in hand. Two couples standing side by side. Variegated trees in park. Pan. of the same. Little boy on kiddie car. Shot a bit shadowy. Boy smiles. 01:06. He goes to woman. He returns to kiddie car which has been laying on its side and uprights it. Man holds little boy up in his arms. Sparse patch of flowers, more foliage than flowers. Fair-looking bush. Healthy rose. Highway, direction sign, cars on highway. Car enters driveway. Passengers dismount. All adults, with exception of little boy. Little boy holds out arms to be held, but man has different plans. 02:03. Little boy walks right along. Two men. Older one gestures. Little boy. Sign at side of building: 'Provost Marshall. Fort Eustis.' Uniformed man makes 'come-hither' gesture. Woman has little boy in arms. Military or camp flag on pole. Field with bomb-shaped wooden markers. Troops gathered at side of field. Jeep drives onto field. Flags held aloft amidst group at side of field. Men dismount from jeep. Small group marches down field. 03:02. Airplanes fly in sky above Fort Eustis. Military band marches down field. Troop of women in their long military coats are led forward by two women. Individual troops raise company flag. Soldier bearing American flag joins buddies, one of which bears company flag. Group of soldiers in long coats march forward. Appear to be officers. Men march past bomb-shaped markers. Small group soldiers, marching band directly behind. 04:09. Part of group marches to side of field as marching band goes forward. Vehicle with sign in front window. Top of sign states: 'Visitors....' Man holds infant in arms. Passes him to woman in car. Pov. car ride across bridge. We go by toll booth. Uniformed woman attendant scans her chart. We travel along highway. We go past telephone poles, trees. 05:08. Oil storage drums. Industrial facilities. Now we approach high bridge, commercial boats in harbor. Man walks down steps of home with little boy clad in snowsuit. Little boy sits on step, looks at his overshoes. Parlor of home, furniture. Small tree adjacent to window appears to be Christmas tree. Presents on floor. Man opens container with plaid pattern. Little boy opens present. 06:01. He removes red wrapping. He opens box which contains clothing. Man dons vest. Little boy in midst of paper, boxes. He wears yellow garment. Weeping expression on his face. 07:00. He moves about just a bit. Adult helps him into snowsuit. Shot shadowy, but little boy is well-lit. Little boy outside. He wears scarf and large hat still encased in cellophane. Woman by car. Man now has little boy in his arms. Exterior of building which appears to be school, institute of higher learning. Moving van backs up to this building. Man carries mattress into van. 08:01. Furniture, various items are carried out of building and placed in van. Woman waves as she walks away. Men continue to remove furniture from building. Man emerges from white car parked near curb. Moving process still in progress. 09:01. Large appliance is brought forth. Two men wheel refrigerator or freezer forward. Man unlocks garage door. Drives black car into garage. Man opens screen door of home. Two men carry rolled carpet in. Mattress is carried in now. 10:01. Appliances, large items continue to be moved into house. The two carry large bureau into house. Bureau is used as doorstop so that other items can be carried into house. 11:04. A different moving company, the 'Arous' company. Washing machine is taken into house. Man testing depth of snow with folding ruler. Man shovels snow. Homes, trees, grounds snow-covered. Man continues shoveling snow. He takes a 'breather'. Snow fall has commenced. 12:02. Man shovels snow as woman watches. Left-tracking pan. of snow-covered yard, house, bare trees. High snowbanks hide portion of house. Man shovels snow adjacent to garage. Bare trees, unadorned trellis, pan. of area. Snow shoveling continues. Garage door is open. Buddy joins other man in snow shoveling. One man shovels snow near garage; the other just a way from it. 13:05. Snow sculpture on small pedestal. Appears to be likeness of animal. Photographed through window with interior curtains drawn aside. Man standing inside garage at right of car. Mountainous bank of snow at right. Pan. of extended, high snowbank. Car being backed out of garage. Man removes small object from front car exterior, may be car logo or emblem. Man kneeling by trunk of car. Cat emerges from home. Man removing installs license plate on car. 'JE 191. N. J.' 14:02. Woman walking on driveway by garage. She pauses, smiles. Has corsage on coat. Three women, two men in yard of home. Woman hands items to the others. Items appear to be framed photographs. Group talks, stands about to be photographed. Man has folded paper. Odd draped object. Appears to be imitation of swan constructed of cloth with paper head. Flowers on pedestal on which it is ensconced. This is a stork! Draped object is baby's crib. The two side by side. White fence in yard with arched arbors. 15:00. People are sitting in lawn chairs. Small table in yard. People are eating. (Cataloguer posits idea that this may be baby shower.) Little girl sits in wicker chair. Woman cuts cake as little girl watches. Three-layered utility table laden with food. Little girl hands woman slice cake on plate. Toddler boy stands beside man. 16:07. Woman emerges from car parked by garage. She removes bushel basket full of items from car. Little boy ascends steps of home. He wears costume, outlandish hat with white square at front. Child has toy, long string in hand. Little boy sits on bottom step leading up to home. Woman holds little boy's hand as he descends steps. 17:05. Woman, little boy sit cross-legged on grass. Little boy has camera. Woman adjusts little boy's 'Mickey Mouse' hat with its floppy ears. Boy on step of home. He looks at cat on right. Boy sits down on step. He observes cat who quietly sits at side. Cat walks away. (End of Reel 79.)
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