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3) 1519.0047_F16
16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1519.0046-.0049_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 047 (F17)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 47 (F17): Flying Moose Lodge film, reel two. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 47. 14:34. Group of young men assembled outside. One young man sits atop old-fashioned ice cream freezer. Another wields pitchfork-like device. Someone turns crank of ice cream freezer. Young man at side mocks crank-turning motion. Young man applies pitchfork device to block of ice in effort to chip it. Other young man continues to turn freezer crank. 15:13. Bare-chested young man with spoon kneels beside freezer cannister. Two young men lift cannister out of the freezer. Young man at side has square tin pan. With some effort, the overflowing cannister is lifted from the center of the freezer. New chipped ice is packed around cannister. More ice added to top. Cladder is held over square tin pan as two young men remove excess ice cream from cladder. 15:53. Two young men skim atop small sailboat on lake surface. 16:01. Two young men in identical sailboat to that alluded to above skim over lake surface behind the former one. Lake surface, sailboats, copiously treed shoreline. Water surface is in motion. 16:21. Group of young men assembled on front stoop of cabin. Some arise and don backpacks. They walk forward. Young man with towel draped over his neck. Other backpackers walk behind. White moderate patches of something on ground in background. Man in rear has triangular slightly-rounded object as well as backpack over his shoulder. Object may be handsaw. 16:59. Young men on wharf. Young man sitting in moored canoe. 17:07. Young man on wharf removes his backpack and places it in canoe. 17:12. Group of young men assembled outside. Inverted canoes are in background. Two lift square objects. Young man touches back of buddy's backpack. Young man carries a long stick. Man helps boy lift wooden box down. Hands box to boy in bed of truck. 18:03. Man hands another wooden box to boy in truck bed. Another box is placed in truck bed. Guard fence is placed over back of truck bed. Inverted canoes are atop truck. Truck moves forward. Truck beside of it also topped with inverted canoes motors forward. Third vehicle does the same. 18:44. Lake surface in motion. Young men in distance paddle canoe. 19:00. Young man in canoe places one heel in water. He is helping to bring canoe into shore. 19:22. Young man chops at block of wood with axe. Breeze blows leaves of trees. 19:27. Two young men walk down woodland path. One has canteen over his shoulder. Evergreen trees. Foliage at sides of path. 19:52. Left-tracking pan. of mountain side with its copious evergreen trees. 20:01. Lower ground with its sparser foliage. 20:08. Young men standing at side of canoe. One of them removes wooden box from canoe. He walks on shoreline. He makes his way carefully over squishy sediment. 20:31. Two young men tend to campfire along shore. One sits as the other leans over. 20:41. Group of young men bathing in lake. Two soap themselves. Young man soaps himself abundantly. He splashes himself, washes off soap. Shampoos head. Buddy behind splashes vigorously. 21:00. Young man on cabin porch types. Buddy walks by. Young man approaches and hands typing man a sheet of paper. The typing man examines paper carefully. He converses with two young man standing at his side. He resumes typing. Man smoking pipe approaches and places paper on typing table. The two men converse. Man typing shakes his head in 'no' gesture. 21:42. Man smoking type has long paper which he will place in mimeograph. Two young men observe from side. Now pipe smoking man turns mimeograph handle and cranks out duplicates. Two other young men have joined the three. 22:00. One after the other duplicates are ground from mimeograph. The pipe-smoking man and the other young men gather the sheets of paper and collate them together. More sheets are gathered and shuffled together. 22:35. Group of pans or large tin tubs gathered outside. Steam emanates from them. Clams still in shells are poured into tub from bushel basket. Young men fill another tub with ears of corn. Steam rises from tub almost overflowing with ears of corn. 23:02. Live lobsters are placed in tin tub. Lobsters are removed from large wooden box. Cooked lobster falls from paper plate. Lobsters cooking in tin tub. Steam emanates. Lobster is lifted from tub to plate. Repeat of same. 23:31. Exterior of cabin. Wastebaskets and garbage pail on porch. Uprighted broom. Shot holds. Young man sits at side with something in his arms. (End of Reel 47.)
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