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1) 1375.0033_F16
16mm film; [325 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1375.0031-.0033_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w
3) 1375.0031-.0033_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w
4) nhf-1375_0033
March 3 2019 at 19:17
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 33
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Can Descriptions
33. 1935--Apr 23, 1935, Tom on bike, Apr 25, San and dandelions, Apr 26, Budd Lake, May 26, Tom, San, Nancy Goertz, June 5, San planting flowers, June 14, garden, June 16, at shore, June 21, San and watering can, June 23, Tom on old bike, June 28, Locust Lake, Hodsons, July 4, fireworks, July 9, arriving at island, Shawn up there.
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 33 :Man lifts bicycle down front steps as boy follows. Man watches as boy wheels bicycle down sidewalk. 36:05. (This reel is tinted pale green.) Boy pushes bike along sidewalk. He mounts bike, but has one foot on grass. He rides forward. Houses, trees. He rides along. Man watches. 37:02. He has placed bike on grass near parked car. He uprights bike. Trying to balance bike with hands, he almost falls, but saves himself by planting legs on grass. He rides along as man observes. Man, toddler near small pond. They examine something on grass. Man has bushel basket with him. Coup'e convertible. 38:00. Man removes blanket from rumble seat. He ties shoe. Woman has thermos container. She sits on grass. Toddler playing in garden. She has trowel. She pats ground around plant. She digs dirt and places it near plant. She pats dirt down. She stands, smiles. 39:00. Toddler emerges from home. She wears uniform such as mechanics wear. She has a Shirley Temple aspect. She runs up to car. She has a small cloth item with her. She steps into car as chauffeur looks on. She waves from car as chauffeur shuts car door. Chauffeur drives car away. Children pedaling various vehicles on sidewalk. Toddler pedals a tricycle. Slightly older girl balances herself on a scooter. The children circle around the sidewalk astride their varied vehicles. 40:03. Boy dismounts from his bicycle. Girl steps off of scooter, but toddler remains on her tricycle. Toddler stops now. Toddler enters garden. She has small potted plant in her hand. She digs soil with trowel. Man appears. He clears away soil as well. Toddler watches as man tries to release plant from inverted pot. View of copious garden surrounding home. Right-tracking pan. of foliage, yard, gym set comprising grounds surrounding home. 42:02. We end up at garage exterior. We track back to left. Man, boy dressed for a swim. Man has toddler in his arms. Boy places beach umbrella in sand. He moves to a different location and plants it there. Toddler sits under umbrella. Woman joins her. Boy wades out into ocean as tide, foamy waves commence coming in. 43:00. Hand in hand, toddler, man walk on beach. Toddler emerges from home. She carries child's watering pail. She enters garden and waters flowers. 44:05. She pours water remaining in can on ground. She runs back to house to refill the pail. She returns and begins to water patch of plants with pointed leaves. May be cacti or agave. Boy sits on handlebars of tricycle as toddler watches. He pedals tricycle while sitting on handlebars. 45:02. He pedals in a circle in this position. Toddler walks behind him. Roadside shrubbery. Two cars on highway. One is coup'e-convertible. Dog rushes out to meet coup'e. Man emerges from coup'e. He carries milk bottles. Toddler, other man emerge from car. 46:07. Garden of home. Small pond near garden. Carrying milk bottles, woman walks in area. Dog, toddler enter area. Exterior of home. Canvas lawn chair. Dog, woman, boy emerge from screen door. Boy sits in lawn chair. Pond. Trees, foliage surrounding it. Pan. of pond. Adjacent buildings are reflected in surface of pond. Trees, shrubbery, grass of hill side. 47:02. Boy rises from lawn chair. Toddler, boy, two women on lawn before home. Boy reads magazine while toddler sits beside of him in lawn chair. Man arrives. He gestures with his arms. He is trying to fool with dog. Carrying triangular flag, toddler descends steps of home. She bounds forward. Boy emerges carrying small American flag and another flag. 48:00. He plants flag in ground. Man and boy emerge from home. Between them, they carry a large American flag on a pole. Man ignites small cannon on edge of sidewalk. Smoke ascends into air. Fireworks of some kind are ignited in yard by man. Boy ignites fireworks . Small projectile which he lit, explodes. 49:06. Toddler attempts to ignite small cannon. Man checks it, reignites it. Toddler, boy walking in yard. (Shot is a bit overexposed. Now light, now dark.) CU toddler in garden. She twirls around and around. She smiles. Toddler and boy standing side by side. (Photography back to normal.) Man has baby in his arms. Boy swings. 50:01. Baby seems to be in device extended from wall. Shadows render shot a bit indistinct. Commercial garage. Sign on roof says:'......Auto Repair.' Boys gathered around car. Hubcap lying on ground. Young men standing near car. Family standing near car. They walk away. Various items in their hands, they have been on a trip. Man in bow of small pleasure boat. Boat is protected by canopy. 51:01. Toddler standing with plush toys under her arms. Family sitting in boat. Woman, toddler walk down pier gangway. Carrying packages, boy runs down pier. Toddler, woman near rural, small post office. Boy, woman carrying luggage. Man wheels wheelbarrow forward. It is laden with cargo. Seashore. Man, boy, toddler. 52:05. Using miniature canoe, toddler dips water from small pool in rocks near ocean. Carefully balancing canoe, she walks forward. CU toddler smiling. Two women, toddler descend steps of home. All three dressed for swimming. Toddler standing on rocky area of shoreline. She scratches the side of her head. Toddler stands near wooden railing. She goes in and out under the railing. 53:09. She walks down path adjacent to home where woman is waiting for her. Hand in hand, two walk down path. Toddler smiles, looks around. (End of Reel 33.)
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