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1) 1521 .0041_VHS
2) 1521 .0041_IN3/4
3) 1521 .0041_F16
16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0039-.0043_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0041-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 41
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N38; can numbers donor assigned. Can note: 'Pink (good of kids). Howes and Lee - home (many breaks).' NHF catalogers notes for Reel 41: (20:00) C.U. toddler drinking from glass. (Reel is tinted pink.) Toddler smiles. Drinks once more. Smiles, nods head. 21:06. Toddler has two blocks of wood. She pounds one against the other. Two dogs. Small home-made cart for child. Trees in background. Boy and girl astride wagon. Girl, sitting in back, turns wheels with her hands. Boy turns small steeringwheel. Cart goes down path. Girl holds onto boy's shoulders. Dog follows behind. Another dog also follows. C. U. another toddler. Foliage in background. 22:00. Toddler is in playpen. Toddler stands. Looks around. Little girls enter area. Lady eating. Big man eating. Lady touches him. She looks up. Two ladies, man walk on shoreline near water. Man wanders away. Stands by tree. Branches of overhanging, copiously leafed tree. Water surface. Trees, building of opposite shore. 23:09. Two ladies, man walk on boulders on shoreline. Water surface. Boulders which throust out into the water. Trees. Buildings, foliage of opposite shoreline. Children in small boat. Girl pushes on bow and boy helps to draw stern into water. Lady chops at foliage on shoreline. Shoreline foliage. 24:02. Children are still manipulating boat in water. Both boy and girl wear hip boots. Two children remain in boat. Children climb out of boat onto small wharf. Exterior of home with extensive awnings. Man sits on grass. Dog. Trees, foliage surrounding home. More trees on grounds, side of home. Other trees adjacent to home. 25:00. Column near or supporting home. Black hen. Handmade, small rustic table. Field, stone wall. Hen and rooster. They both peck at the ground. Dog sitting in lawn chair. Another dog sits just below him. Dog below rises, walks away. Hen and rooster pecking at ground. Rooster. Hen, roster, third fowl. 26:03. Rooster walks forward. Hen joins rooster and the other fowl. The three peck at ground. Tree. Roof peak of home.White bird sits at peak. Hen, two roosters. White bird on beams of henhouse. May be a pigeon. Silhouette of beams with white bird atop. Side of awninged home. White bird on peak of home. Bird walks along peak. Bird is fantailed pigeon. 27:03. Sloping roof of home. Pigeon walks along peak center. Family inside. Bibbed infant sits on lady's lap. Child watches from left. Infant wearing glasses someone has put on him. Lady, infant. Other lady has handful of large lollipops. Infant on lady's lap. Girl at left. Two cats with shadows of window frame on them. One cat sits beside the other. 28:08. Profile black and white cat. Cat paws at item on floor. Variegated trees with wispy, mist-like leaves. Left-tracking pan. of these trees growing on a mountain side. Other trees which may be pointed firs. Extended pan. of area. Home. 29:03. Same footage. Pan. tracks back to the right. Lady holds infant by both hands. He is on her lap. Standing, he wiggles back and forth. 30:01. Lady continues holding him by the arms. Lady touches the back of infant's head. He is sitting. He looks downward. Lady places cloth in his hand. Lady raises infant's arm. Little girl in lawn chair holds infant on her lap. 31:05. She smiles. C.U. girl and infant. Infant on lady's lap. Lady moves infant's arm back and forth. Girl and infant. Girl rests cheek against infant's blanket. She kisses the back of his bonnet. 32:02. Shadowy shot of infant. He is sitting in a chair. (Shadowing, silhouetting makes shot difficult to discern.) Darkness continues to make action undecipherable. Infant. Cat rubs its head against infant's. Cat kisses infant. 33:04. Cat and infant's face. Cat runs away. Infant lying on stomach. Cat plays at left. Cat has string. Infant has small object in his hands. Cat kisses infant. Cat touches object. Exterior of home. Trees. Shot tracks to the right. Car parked in yard. Boy has baseball glove. Boy throws ball. (Darkness makes next shot indiscernable.) 34:30. Boy hurls ball. Catches it in mitt. Sparse bushes. Wooden beams. Parlor of home. 35:04. Shot takes us to right of parlor. Mantle. Framed portraits on the wall. Murky shot of boy. Girl peers up, smiles. Another girl sits at her left. Little girl wearing glasses raises sword-like object. She smiles, looks down. 36:01. Boy in band uniform. He takes woodwind instrument in his mouth. Girl in small window. Might be that of playhouse. Boy is at exterior of windwo. He has small item in his mouth. It appears to be a small whistle. This is sort of a comedy scene. Window is similar to that found in jail. Boy is wearing policeman's uniform rather than a band uniform. Girl extends arm through window. 'Cop' takes out toy gun. Infant. (Shot is blurry.) 37:03. C. U. infant's face. Side of infant's head. Lady with accordian. She plays on the keys. (End of Reel 41.)
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