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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 085
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1941 – 1947
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 85: Archie Stewart can notes: 1- Mary in Cornells garden. 2- Washing dishes 388. Uncle Sam, Mary. 4- Wes and Mary pulling with Judy. Bits of some color for kids reel (Faded).
Viewing Notes
Screening notes: WS from boat of choppy water, Eastport Harbor, Maine. Slo mo of whale breaching. Flock of seagulls, fin of whale in FG. Pan of large white building, lighthouse tower. High shot looking down on shore. MS of shore bird standing in shallows (very shaky). LS seagulls feeding in shallow water. People in stands. WS of football game, West Point? Ann posing in strapless black evening gown, long black gloves. Head shot: Mr. Ed Barnes in hat poses stiffly for camera (B&W, same shot on Tape 24). Hand lettered sign: Marys party, drawing of dancing stick figures. WS Six older women circle large bouquet of red flowers, admire and sniff. [Mrs. Revill, Sarah McVay, Olive Mahaney, Addie Nyden, Sadie Curtis. GG's friends and relatives] MS four women with flowers. Man and woman stand talking outside house. Joe McGrath, Mr. Proper. VS of men relaxing in living room (B&W): reading, playing duo piano, Proper and Northrop. Various LS of birds flocking on ocean shore. MS two men watching birds, walk down path to black car [Grandfather Stewart and George Northrop?]. High shot looking down of flag pole in center of circle driveway. MS of Mrs. Mary Stewart standing in front of door to house, wearing fur coat, wreath on door. Fur hat has large pompom on front. Mary walks down snowy sidewalk. Christmas scenes: Mrs Stewart seated in front of Christmas tree, looking in mirror. Mary in front of tree, looking at ornaments. LS of Archie on golf course, shielding eyes with hand, sand traps in BG (B&W, nice). Man in homburg (as above, B&W), Mr Ed Barnes again. MS beaver climbing down rock. LS beaver clambers across logs to get to shore. TS two fisherman in canoe. One rows as second reels out line, pole bending. MS of fish leaping out of lake. Reeling in fish and netting beside boat. Fisherman displays catch. (Good sequence) MSs: man casting, landing fish, displaying, Grandfather Warden. Mary (bundled in blanket that drags on ground) walking in garden. Stops to pose by hydrangea bush. (B&W, cute) Interior MS, profile: Mary putting together puzzle (B&W, nice tho some shadows on face). TS Grandfather Stewart smoking pipe drying dishes, Grandmother Stewart beside washing (B&W, same shot on Tape 24). VS of pouring hot water, drying. Mary kneels on floor playing with whisk broom. Mrs. Mary Stewart, woman in cloche hat wearing long strand of pearls, pinning (flower) to dress. Mother holding young girl poses beside Uncle Sam Stewart outside, all bundled in coats and hats. CU of man, tips hat. (B&W) Young girl lying on floor playing with small retractable measuring tape. (B&W) VS of mother with bobbed hair, reading. MS Mary seated in grandfather's lap playing tug of war with dog (English setter). VS Dog lying on floor chewing doll. (B&W) Young girl seated on older man's lap (B&W, dark) Young girl seated on horse, man at head urges up steps and pretends to lead into house. MS of girl riding horse (B&W, dark). [with Rob Golding at The Pines?] Nice shot of girl seated on horse being led by man, holding Beagle in arms. Mary feeding birds, ducks, pigeons. TS on swan. Mother seated on bench, holding baby, leans to feed birds. Downing Park, The Polly, Newburgh, NY. Mother, Mary and Ann cuddle on bench. VS of birds pecking at their feet. WS of pond, two birds fly towards camera (B&W, nice). VS of young girls gathered around dining table, wearing party hats, eating sandwiches (Same party on Tape 24?). Mary is blowing out cake candles. Girl seated on rock ledge under waterfall, woman in pool below pulling on legs. (B&W) VS Girls riding bicycle down sidewalk. (B&W) Two girls wearing masks: older girl [mother?] wearing mask with beard, fur coat. Tilt down: Black Buick parked by sidewalk.
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