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1) 1375.0081_F16
16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1375.0079-.0081_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 1375.0079-.0081_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1375_0081-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:14:19
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 81
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 81:36:03. Woman, little boy in yard. Little boy has large, floppy-eared plush toy. He sits astride toy. Pushes on it. He rocks back and forth astride toy as if it were a rocking horse. Cat approaches. Little boy sits on toy. 37:09. Cat sniffs toy. Boy caresses cat. Man sitting by little boy. Car parked in yard. Boy waves. Little boy puts on hat. 38:02. Man throws little boy up and down in air, catching him all the way. Man holds little boy's hand as both descend steps. Little boy carries paper. They pause at foot of steps. Man points outward. Little boy hands paper to man. Man crushes it up and throws it in bin. Little boy stands beside man. Man leans over. 39:03. Little boy walks about as man observes him. Woman, little boy emerge from home. Woman holds little boy's arms up behind him. Lifting him by his arms, she descends steps. Still holding his arms, they march along on walkway. She picks him up and swings him back and forth. 40:04. She crouches down and points outward. Holding his arms, she dances about. He crawls between her legs. She picks him up in her arms. They dance about once more. Two women by small waterfall. Two women talk by trees in area. The small waterfall cascades powerfully down. 41:02. Ladies ascend small wooden bridge in this area. The waterfall, once more. Stone wall, foliage by waterfall. Ladies sit in area. Trees in flower. Waterfall. Stone wall, foliage. Man, woman in area. Man emerges from car. He carries infant in his arms. Woman follows behind. 42:06. Man, woman walk up path of home. Woman wears sunglasses, has blanket over arm. Man wears regular glasses. Both remove glasses simultaneously. Wooden boats in the shape of vehicles driven on road. Couples, man. Ladies wear fur coats, carry blankets. Group walks forward. Marching band march at side of sport's field. Squads of cadets assembled on sport's field. Their uniforms are gray. Spectators in bleachers. 43:00. Cadet squads on field. White-hatted naval cadets marching at side of field. Squads of naval cadets assembled on field. Spectators in bleachers. Long shot pan. of bleacher spectators. Football team enters field. Male cheerleaders do cartwheels on field. General amongst bleacher spectators. 44:01. Jeep motors into area. Pickup truck exudes clouds of exhaust. Spectators standing in bleachers. Two horses with flag-bearers astride on field. Retinue of cadets walk caparisoned or blanketed dogs at side of field. Float like naval vessel goes down side of field. Spectators stand in bleachers. Another float with millwheel in center passes down side of field, naval vessel float again. Cabin cruiser float. Cars participate in parade. Boat float with large aqua globe on back. Horse with rider astride runs down field. Team enters field. 45:04. Other varied floats pass down side of field. One looks like giant bathtub with small sailboats afloat in it. Naval cadets on field as floats go by at side. 46:09. Spectators rise to watch passing floats. Cadets standing on one another on float. Gymnastic tableaux. Large section of spectators sway in unison. 47:01. Man, little boy before door of home. Christmas wreath on door. Cat sits beside of boy on step. Wreath on door. Boy waves. Wreath, again. Man gently pushes boy along on three-wheeled kiddiecar. Boy stands back, examines kiddiecar. 48:04. Boy mounts kiddiecar, hesitant about pedaling it, man gives back gentle push with foot. Boy with plush toy. Woman comes out of house, joins boy. Boy waiting at side of car. Woman emerges from home. Man waves while standing at side of car. Boy looks out through car window, his tongue just slightly stuck out. Car. Man walks forward with bushel basket full of presents. 49:07. Boy in parlor, by Christmas tree. He waves. Boy crouches down. This shot is shadowy. Flash of light. 50:02. Mantle of home, adorned with photographs, Christmas cards. Christmas cards are folded, exhibited on brick structure protecting fireplace. Christmas floral table arrangement. Framed picture above. Table arrangement. Christmas cards on shelf. 51:01. Lawn of home adjacent to garage. Cat sitting on brick step. Cat has bow around neck. Man drags potted plant along on shovel. Man pats cat. Woman in fur coat approaches car. 52:02. Two other women stand by car. One smokes cigarette. Woman descends steps of home. Cat by bulkhead cellar doors. (End Reel 81.)
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