2 Copies of This Film
1) 1375.0000A_F16
16mm film; [250 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1375.000A-.000C_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel A
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel A: 00:02. Horse, harnessed to sulky, trots along. (Reel is black and white.) Only legs of horse shown. We see jockey's legs positioned at side of sulky. 01:07. Trotting, sulky motion continues. Rear wheel of sulky, horse's legs. We see jockey who is an older man with dark glasses. He smokes cigarette, not usual young jockey. Harmonious motion of horse's legs as it trots. Action shadowed on ground. Full view of jockey in sulky, other jockey, sulky behind. 02:22. Man in workshop, assorted tools, benches. Man is farrier or man who creates shoes for horses, attaches them to steed. Sparks fly from welding tool. He hammers horseshoe to test its strength. Sparks fly from horse shoe. 03:01. Places shoe in vertical position over protruding end of bench. Tests durability with hammer. He weighs shoe on household scale. Front of scale. Shoe weighs approximately half a pound. Removes shoe with prongs. Horse blanketed outside of stable. Farrier, man in business suit. Man holds horse's rein as farrier shoes steed. 04:03. Horse raises foot as farrier checks to see if shoe fits. Wheel of sulky turns, stops. Man behind unattached sulky. He spins wheel with hand. Raises sulky off of ground, spins opposite wheel. Man behind another sulky. Uniquely, this one has large wagon wheels attached, rather than the conventional ones. 05:06. With effort, he lifts sulky from ground by grasping rear bar. Carefully, he lowers sulky. C.U. rear of sulky with its slanted jockey seat and large wagon wheels. Raises, lowers sulky. Back to conventional sulky. Man spins wheel. He hefts sulky. Man leads horse out of stable by rein. 06:01. Other man attaches sulky to horse. Older jockey helps with reins. Man adjusts sulky ropes. 07:05. Jockey hefts sulky. Taking reins, jockey mounts sulky. Horse, sulky move forward. Jockey adjusts stick by which sulky is reined to horse. He tightens sulky reins. Horse chewing. Man in business suit at side of horse. 08:00. Horse chews. Jockey smokes while at side of sulky. Man in suit hands reins to him. Jockey mounts sulky. Horse moves forward. Horse led out of stable. Man waits with sulky. Man attaches sidebars of sulky to horse. Jockey holds horse's rein. Horse swishes tail. 09:05. Jockey looks on as other man adjusts sidebars of sulky. Horse swishes tail as sulky adjustments continue. Jockey jockies self into sulky seat. Horse, jockey move forward. Side exterior of stable. Jockey beside of sulky. He positions himself into seat. 10:09. Horse, jockey go forward. Back framework of sulky. Man harnesses horse to sulky. Side shot of horse. Horse chews as man caresses him. Horse, jockey go forward. (End of Reel A.)
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