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1) 1435.0006_VHS
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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0004-.0006_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 006
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 6: Margie one year old. Christmas. Hurricane at FML. Swimming. Stilts. Play house. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 6: 40:11. One-candled birthday cake is set before infant. She is outside. She seems puzzled by cake. She touches the cake. Two little boys and girls at Christmas. Tricycle has red ribbon tied on handle bars. 41:00. Children admire trees, beribboned vehicles. Boy admires bike. Infant girl in background. Children unwrapping their gifts. One boy has book. Another socks. Infant reaches toward gifts. She grasps photo and small gift. Boy has firetruck. 42:07. Infant has small object in hand. She removes rings from spindle of ringtoss game. Boy removes toy truck from box. Two boys. Man sitting on couch. Girl, infant on floor. Woman, assorted boxes, wrappings. (Infant is now a toddler and will be referred to as such.) Toddler-girl in snowsuit walks on pathway. 43:07. Boys watch from side. One has tricycle. Night. Toddler girl walking on pathway. Spring now. Toddler girl at foot of steps. Raises skirt just a bit. She walks on lawn. She approaches small tree and bends its limbs back. Boy kicks ball on lawn. Toddler girl raises skirt. 44:03. Reveals bare stomach. Boy in water. Wades and then swims. Swims with vigor. Another boy swimming. Swims partially on back. Looks up, smiles. Boy swims forward. Girl swimming forward. She splashes with legs. She 'dog paddles'. Rear shot of boy swimming. 45:07. Another boy dives into water. Employing both arms and legs, he swims well. He looks up, sticks tongue out. Girl jumps up and down in water. Ducks under and rises. Two boys wading in water near wharf. People standing on wharf. Passengers in rowboat. Boy positions arrow in bow. He is in woods. Aims, ejects arrow. Girl does the same. 46:04. Man aids boy who has axe embeded in block of wood. Boy keeps pounding enaxed block on ground. Other boy is present. Man watches as boy goes on wielding axe and block. Finally, he divides block of wood in two, thus freeing the axe. Man picks up axe and walks along. Man holds axe aloft so that it fills screen. The two boys shake hands, celebrating victory. They smooth the tops of their heads which are almost bald. One boy has 'Mohawk' hair cut. They raise hands to mouth in imitation of a war cry. 47:05. Winter. Group of children. They are building a snowman. Silhouette toddler and woman. She picks toddler up in her arms. Child nibbles on snowball. Silhouette shot of children assembled around the snowman. Spring. Boy dressed like Robin Hood on porch. He wears green costume of medieval times. His feather in his hat. 48:04. Has long toy knife in his belt. He draws knife and come forward. He's smiling all the time. Woman assists girl who is learning to walk on stilts. Woman holds her so that she won't fall. Now boy tries walking on stilts. Woman supports him also. Little girl wheels doll carriage in yard. She pauses. CU little girl. 49:09. Night on lake shore. Waves are coming in. Boy is crouched down. There are two other boys. One scoops up water and throws it back. One has large seashell and exhibits round, small items therein. He crouches down. Waves travel shoreward. Boys clear away place in sand. It is day now. Little girl walks along shore. 50:01. She walks over to two boys. (Cataloguer's correction: This appears to be ocean rather than lake.) Little girl reaches down in sand. Girl and boy look up. Silhouette shots of girl and boys on sand. Boy points outward. Little girl has seashell and rock. 51:02. Boy swimming vigorously. Water surface. Raft floats near wharf. Boy stands on raft. Swimming boy approaches wharf. Boy dives from raft. Little girl standing on wharf. She stands in water and pulls item from water. Older girl is with her. She sits in shallow water adjacent to rocks. Little girl sits on rock. Both girls splash hands in water. 52:05. Girl swims backward in water. Boy dives into water. Woman dives into water. Boy dives from raft adjacent to wharf. Three swimmers splashing and swimming near wharf. Group of children with balloons. They sit on steps of home. 53:03. Woman and more children join group. Children rise, walk forward. They resume sitting on steps. Child twirls balloon. Balloon on steps before two children. Woman holds little girl as she swims in water. 54:03. Woman continues to hold little girl as she swims in opposite direction. Woman holds little girl as she dangles legs in water. As she swims, child sticks tongue out. Boy in canoe wields oar. Little girl on wharf as canoe and boy approach. Two boys on walkway adjacent to ocean. Tide, waves are coming in. Foam, waves of ocean surface. Mountain side. 55:07. Girl and boy on walkway adjacent to ocean. They wear slickers, rain gear. They laugh while holding onto their hats. Woman, little girl, and boy emerge from car. Man is in back exterior of car. Woman on crutches emerges from car. She smiles. Man carries bag, packages. Flowering shrubs. Two boys enter area. They pull at bushes. One boy is sawing down small tree. Tree topples. 56:06. Together the two boys carry tree away. Boy hews tree down with large hedging shears. Buddy throws away clipped branch. Hewn branches are loaded into tailgate of car. Boys continue loading discarded branches into back of car. Woman, little girl look on. Quick shot of giant paper or poster, blank being held aloft. 57:07. Boy descends interior stairway. Other boy, girl follow behind. They crawl under fake fireplace made of cardboard. Christmas stocking hung thereon. Toddler girl. Older girl opens her present. Boy emerges from under fireplace. He and other boy both have presents. Scan of ornamented Christmas tree. Vertical scan ends with star on top. 58:06. Toddler girl is opening her present. Boy holds aloft basketball gift. Older girl unwraps her present which is a doll clad in a gray dress. She has three dolls. Toddler girl grasps smaller doll she has. Boy struggles with a tile-like square which he tries to fit in with other squares. Appears to be roofing for playhouse. (End of Reel 6.)
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